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Image:Neontentacles-firstboot.png|'''Neon First Boot left graphic'''
Image:Neontentacles-firstboot.png|'''Neon First Boot left graphic'''
=== Grub ===
=== Wallpapers ===
== Round 2 ==
== Round 2 ==

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Artwork ArtTeamProjects WikiDesign ArtTeamN1.png


After some IRC discussion, we three decided to co-op this theme idea, and will all submit our own stuff and mortal combat it out later

Michael's proposals

Inspired in contrast to Gears/Steampunk theme proposal.

Round 3


First Boot



Round 2

Wallpaper: Neontentacles800.png svg:

Vertical graphic: Neontentacles-vertical.png svg:

Square graphic: Neontentacles-square.png svg:

Horizontal graphic: Neontentacles-horizontal.png svg:

Texture graphic: Neontexture.jpg Thank you Mairin for the graphic

Mairin's proposals

Slogan: Fedora. Lighting the Way.

Neon and sulphur are both elements of the periodic table. That's the name link. Neon is also element #10 in the periodic table. It seems a relevant subject for Fedora 10.

Light Painting Experiment


Walking Towards The Light City Scene

File:Artwork F10Themes Neon city-scene-1.png

File:Artwork F10Themes Neon city-scene-2.png

File:Artwork F10Themes Neon city-scene-3.png

Artwork F10Themes Neon city-scene-photo-manip-1.png

Artwork F10Themes Neon city-scene-photo-manip-2.png Media:Artwork_F10Themes_Neon_city-scene-photo-manip-2.xcf Gimp XCF Source (note images used in this image were taken by Máirín and are Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)

Cartoony Neon City

Artwork F10Themes Neon cartoony1.png