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==Fedora 10 (X) Release Poster==
==Fedora 10 Release Poster==
<!-- Commenting out the ones we really don't want people using. -->
<!-- [[Image:Solar_release_party_poster_wiki.png]] -->
Image:Solar_release_party_poster.png |'''Solar Poster''' - [[Media:Solar_Release_party_poster.tar.gz | Source Archive TAR.GZ]]
<!-- Image:Solar_release_party_poster.png |'''Solar Poster''' - [[Media:Solar_Release_party_poster.tar.gz | Source Archive TAR.GZ]] -->
Image:f10_release_party_poster.png |'''F10 Release Party Poster''' - [[Media:f10_release_party_poster.tar.gz | Source Archive TAR.GZ]]

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[edit] Solar

Another proposal by my mind... Last night i can't sleep so i start thinkin... My creative path was:

  • 1) start thinkin to the "Perfect System" meaning a good, right working OS.
  • 2) I think to find something in nature representing some Over-good working System
  • 3) Idea! I said... The Solar System blinks in my mind.

Solar System... and then the step was so short - SOLAR, simbolizing the centre of the universe, the engine of our galaxy, the light in big shadows.

Solar logo.png

[edit] Downloads

[edit] Wallpapers

Solar Wallpaper 2048x1536.jpg

[edit] Dual Screen Standard Ratio

Source XCF for Dual Standard Ratio

Suitable for two-monitor setups, where both monitors are of the following ratios:

  • 1600x1200 (3200x1200)
  • 1280x960 (2560x960)
  • 1024x768 (2048x768)
  • 800x600 (1600x600)

[edit] Dual Screen Wide Ratio

Source XCF for Dual Wide Ratio

Suitable for two-monitor setups, where both monitors are of the following ratios:

  • 1680x1050 (3360x1050)
  • 1920x1200 (3840x1200)

[edit] Standard Ratio

Source XCF for Standard Ratio

Suitable for:

  • 2048x1536
  • 1600x1200
  • 1280x960
  • 1024x768
  • 800x600

[edit] Widescreen

  • 1920x1200
  • 1680x1050

[edit] SysLinux Splash + GRUB

[edit] SysLinux Splash HiColor

NOTE this is the 16-bit color version needed for syslinux: Screen Prompt 640x480 color test.png

File:Solar-f10-syslinuxsplash fullcolor.xcf.bz2

[edit] SysLinux Splash Indexed Color

GRUB Screen Prompt 640x300 indexed.png

[edit] GRUB

The final image: xpm.gz file for GRUB Source: Media:GRUB_F10_Solar.xcf.bz2

The preview:

GRUB F10 Solar-preview.png

[edit] Plymouth Theme


[edit] Anaconda Pack (Header + Splash)


Solar Anaconda splash progress mockup.png

[edit] First Boot Pack (SideBar + Splash)



[edit] Login

Solar login mockup.jpg

[edit] GNOME Splash


[edit] GNOME Screensaver Lock dialog


[edit] Fedora 10 Release Poster

F10 release party poster.png

[edit] Solar round 2

This is the step 2b:

Here you find all the 3 step for the round 2.

Final Version:

Solar 3 640x404.png

here u can find the source File:Solar gimp 1900x1200.xcf.bz2


Anaconda Prompt Screen 640x300:

Solar Anaconda prompt screen 640x300 format1 FLogo.jpg

Solar Anaconda screen prompt mockup2.png

source File:Solar Anaconda screen prompt 2.xcf.bz2


Solar Artwork ThemingOverview.png


Solar splash.png

source: File:Solar splash.xcf.bz2

Anaconda Header 800x88:

Solar anaconda header.png

source: File:Solar anaconda header.xcf.bz2

a little test:


Solar sketch.jpg