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Wing Anatomy


Wings perfectly symbolize stability, balance and freedom. The anatomy of the wing focuses on the well formed shape of the wing. A wing is curved in an optimal aerodynamic shape; it is light, but yet strong. The feathers are organized in a most effective way: vibrant, messaging to reach for infinity.

Every wing has 10 primary flightfeathers, which is a subtle hint to F10. To get an idea of the anatomy of a wing, you could refer to the work of Da Vinci, where he investigated the shape of wings in order to get to know the basics of flying.

Round 1

Wings and sketches

A flying bird, high in the sky; the flightfeathers let some light through, which indicates the light, but yet strong organisation of the feathers.

Leonardo Da Vinci: A colored sketch of a wing. Although not very original, it is just an inspiration of using the framework of a wing as a pattern.

Frame and light

Starting with just a colored wing, the white lines make a framework of the wing, indicating order and stability. A x-ray sketch of a wing: not realistic, but purely emphasizing the anatomy.

The wing with light shining through it: the light scatters in a rainbow of colors Light shining through and some motion indicate vibrance and messaging.


Instead of a wing, tubes are used to symbolize feathers.