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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2008-11-18


  • poelcat
  • jds2001
  • John5342
  • tk009


  • Reviewed wording here: BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10#Added_Comment_2
  • Need to confirm EOL date for Fedora 8
    • jds2001 to take up at FESCo meeting
  • poelcat filed tickets with RHT Engineering Operations for 'rawhide rebase' and 'Fedora 8 EOL warning'
  • will adjust 'rawhide rebase' query to only pick up bugs created before 2008-11-25

IRC Transcript

jds2001 poelcat: you about? 07:00
-!- poelcat changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Bug Triage Meeting 07:02
poelcat jds2001: yes :) 07:02
poelcat anyone else here? 07:02
John5342 hello all. 07:02
poelcat hey John5342 07:02
tk009 hello 07:03
poelcat tk009: hi 07:03
* jds2001 has a $DAYJOB meeting at 10:30 :( 07:04
poelcat jds2001: okay, we'll make this quick 07:04
poelcat any important items of business to cover? 07:04
poelcat there didn't appear to be ANY response to your message jds2001 about the rawhide rebase 07:05
poelcat did i miss something? 07:05
jds2001 I don't think so. 07:05
jds2001 of course they'll scream bloody murder when it happens, but oh well. 07:06
poelcat any feedback on the wording here: BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10#Added_Comment_2 07:09
poelcat we'll be applying that to all Fedora 8 bugs next Wednesday 07:10
jds2001 looks good to me 07:11
John5342 looks good to me too 07:11
poelcat also any other topics to discuss today? 07:11
jds2001 did we come to a conclusion on when F8 EOL *is*? 07:11
* poelcat is light on topics having just got back from vacation 07:11
poelcat jds2001: i don't think we did 07:11
poelcat jds2001: who ultimately decides, do you know? 07:12
jds2001 i think fesco/releng??? 07:12
* jds2001 will make sure it gets brought up at fesco tomorrow 07:13
poelcat jds2001: great! 07:13
poelcat btw I filed the tickets with rht eng-ops and made sure they can run them 07:13
poelcat shouldn't be a problem 07:13
jds2001 cool, for a 1/5 date? 07:14
poelcat well, i only told them about the first two so far :) 07:14
poelcat which need to run next week 07:14
poelcat i'm pretty sure they'll be cool w/ the last one 07:14
poelcat jds2001: would it be possible to add a little more detail to the rawhide rebase query 07:15
poelcat so that it is all open rawhide bugs created before a certain date/time ? 07:15
poelcat that way it doesn't have to run at exactly a certain moment 07:16
jds2001 yeah, that shouldnt be a problem. 07:16
poelcat jds2001: could you do it? 07:17
jds2001 poelcat: sorry, not a problem. 07:18
jds2001 what are they expecting, just verbage or an actual query? 07:18
* jds2001 can do either :) 07:19
poelcat jds2001: a link/tinyurl to the query 07:19
jds2001 ok 07:19
jds2001 and the querry is for anything prior to 11/25, right? 07:19
* jds2001 wants to make sure he gets the date right :) 07:20
poelcat this is what gets tricky... what about bugs filed up until 10 am est on 11/25 ? 07:20
poelcat or maybe i'm making this more complicated than it needs to be 07:21
jds2001 yeah, if we miss a few no biggie :) 07:21
John5342 we could eve make the date the day after on the basis that rawhide stuff then will most likely still apply to f10 but maybe that has its own issues. 07:22
jds2001 yeah doesnt really matter i dont think 07:24
poelcat given a choice i'd say a 11/24 cutoff is better 07:24
John5342 besides anything from the time f10 is spun to the time it actually hits mirrors is a bit of a grey area as to which it belongs to 07:24
tk009 altho new here I also agree 11/24 is better 07:25
jds2001 f10 should start hitting mirrors pretty quick here. 07:26
poelcat okay, let's do 11/24 07:27
jds2001 though i've not seen announcements yet to mirror-list..... 07:27
poelcat i'll update our procedures to be more specific so we don't have to discuss this next time :) 07:27
poelcat tk009: did you have any questions about bug triage, etc.? 07:27
jds2001 sounds good :) 07:28
tk009 yes =) 07:28
tk009 I was going to email jds later about them 07:28
jds2001 either here or email is fine :) 07:29
tk009 being new I am not really sure where to start 07:29
jds2001 though I have a $DAYJOB meeting right about now :) 07:29
tk009 yes later later =) 07:29
John5342 tk009: can also ask people in #fedora-qa. there is normally somebody from bugzappers there 07:30
poelcat tk009: have you reviewed this page: BugZappers/GettingStarted 07:32
tk009 yes I have 07:32
poelcat what questions do you have about getting started? 07:34
poelcat this is a common thing we hear, but we aren't sure why 07:35
tk009 just not sure where to jump in really 07:35
tk009 I've had a look at the bug lists 07:35
tk009 but not sure on procedure 07:36
John5342 might be an excellent time for a quick group triaging session perhaps? get a few examples in? 07:36
tk009 I'd be up for it 07:37
poelcat tk009: BugZappers/TakingAction #1 is where we spend most of our time 07:37
poelcat John5342: would you like to lead? 07:38
John5342 maybe tk009 would like to pick a bug or should i pick on at random 07:39
tk009 ramdom would be better 07:39
tk009 is there a specific list I should be looking at? 07:40
tk009 like blockers 07:40
John5342 here is a random one 07:41
buggbot Bug 464382: medium, medium, ---,, NEW, doesn't work with the latest dmraid 07:41
John5342 tk009: main ones to look at at the moment are rawhide bugs although that will soon change ofcourse 07:42
tk009 looking at 464382 now 07:42
John5342 and i have to say this is a really good start because i am not sure about this one myself. lol. 07:44
John5342 good things to check first is that it is filed against the correct component 07:44
tk009 and how is that done 07:45
tk009 ah I see it in taking action 07:46
John5342 the user will file it against what they think and looking at the error message it suggests python-pyblock or dmraid 07:47
John5342 which means the user may well be right. i dont often see people file against the wrong component but if it is wrong it saves the (wrong) maintainer time and gets it to the right person quicker 07:48
John5342 we also make sure its against the right version. rawhide in this case which seems correct 07:49
John5342 have you got the greasemonkey scripts by the way? 07:49
tk009 =( I didn't install them yet 07:50
tk009 I need to 07:50
John5342 you dont need to as such but they do simplify things standard responses. 07:51
John5342 the scripts run in firefox. just install the greasemoneky addon and then click on the Script link. both links are on BugZappers/Tools 07:55
John5342 as for the bug i think all we can say is that it is a bug and that it seams to be with the correct people. it also appears to have enough info for the maintainer to reproduce it. therefore i would personally set it as assigned 07:56
* poelcat needs to leave a little early 07:56
poelcat thanks everyone for coming! 07:56
poelcat i'll be around later if there are other questions 07:57
John5342 i think there is another meeting comeing in a sec anyway. cheers poelcat 07:57
tk009 should we go to qa? 07:58
John5342 tk009: people should starting the next meeting here in a min so you can find me in #fedora-qa if you want any more info ad can also ask jds2001 and any others. 07:58
John5342 snap 07:58
tk009 =) 07:59

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