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The Community Architecture team's mission is to grow the capacity for leadership in communities that Red Hat cares deeply about. Community Architecture is a Red Hat team that operates as much as possible directly in the communities in which we particpate.

We know that stronger communities come from applying The Open Source Way principles to any domain, building scaffolding, and supporting the emergence of natural and organic leadership. We work to not only articulate, but also to enact, and to teach, The Open Source Way.

In our team's current goals, we focus on three high level areas:

  • The intersection of The Open Source Way and educators and educational institutions, including the growth of the Teaching Open Source community.
  • Ensuring that The Open Source way is institutionalized within the company, and that its value is understood and accepted as crucial to Red Hat's sustainability.
  • Stewardship and senior-level leadership of the Fedora Project, which is Red Hat's largest and most successful community interaction.

Our team's mission is inspired by Red Hat's mission statement: To be the catalyst in communities of customers, contributors, and partners creating better technology the open source way.

Red Hat associates can see more on our internal wiki. Everyone is free to browse the rest of this category.

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