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Ryan Rix
Ryan Rix
Personal Information
Birthday: January 17 1992
Home: Phoenix AZ USA
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FAS-Name: rrix
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GPG-Key: 24c87ae0
IRC: rrix on in
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Ryan Rix

Ryan Rix is a student and a self-proclaimed geek, a coder, a maker, and perpetually searching for knowledge. When he's not burning his hands soldering circuits, shooting Nerf guns at his roommates, or burning his mind developing for the KDE project, Ryan works with the education side of the team, running Fedora's participation in Google's Summer of Code and the Teaching Open Source community. As a freshman in Computer Science, the digital world is his oyster and awaiting his creations. Ryan is a Free Software developer involved in the KDE and Fedora projects with about three years development experience in RPM packaging, Qt and KDE development. In his spare time, he enjoys Nerf wars and spending time with the people that understand the real world.


  • Crazy american
  • College dropout
  • KDE SIG member
  • awesome

Education and Job

ASU didn't really work for me, so I'm doing freelance and SA work.

Activities within the Fedora Project


I'm a Fedora Ambassador sponsored by Clint Savage
My main goals are to spread the use of Fedora and Free Software to my school, my friends, my family and the greater Phoenix area as a whole. Whether this is through my past involvement in Phoenix LUG, or in setting up events such as ABLEconf, I strive to bring greater awareness to our great operating system and community and Free and Open Source software in general.

  • Events I attend(ed)

FUDcon 2011 Tempe Bid

I worked with Robyn Bergeron to bring FUDcon 2011 to Tempe in jan2011. It was pretty awesome, and beefy.


As a member of Fedora's KDE SIG, I work to improve and promote the KDE Plasma Desktop environment on top of Fedora Linux. Naturally it's an easy job ;) When I remember to (which unfortunately isn't often enough) I write the KDE beat for Fedora weekly news. I'm also involved in KDE's Promotions team.

Fedora Summer Coding 2010

In the summer of 2010, I am working with Jaroslav Reznik on the creation of a KDE Netbook Edition Spin as mentors, along with the rest of the SIG to some extent. This project was brought to fruition through the Fedora Summer Coding SIG, and is similar to Google's Summer of Code.

Google Summer of Code 2010

In the summer of 2010, I also worked upstream in the KDE project, sponsored by Google to work on KDEPIM for KDE's involvement in Summer of Code. The accepted proposal was the creation of a Plasma-based replacement of Kontact's summary page. You can follow my progress or read my proposal.


I'm involved in Fedora's marketing team. I work in marketing mostly to complement my ambassador jobs, as I believe the two groups could work better if they were more closely integrated. I helped to organize the Marketing FAD 2010 and was one of the attendees in March 2010. I am also interested in generating marketing materials for Spins, as they don't get the time of day (in terms of marketing) that they deserve. I was one of the primary authors behind Fedora 13's Beta release announcement, as well.

Package Maintainer

I'm a Package Maintainer sponsored by Rex Dieter
I usually package software I find interesting and actually use.

I am also an RPMFusion package maintainer, owing mlt and kdenlive.