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Fedora Fonts




Mailing lists

Fonts SIG mailing lists
Mailing list name Intended use Web archives
Source Gmane MarkMail The mail archive
  • Main SIG coordination channel, for human discussions.
  • Post your questions and proposals there.
Archives Archives Feed-icon-14x14.png Archives Archives
  • Automated tracking of font and text issues.
  • Consult it to follow new problem reports and fixes, CC it in issue trackers.
  • Read only archiving list:
    • do not post messages there, use the other list
    • you can follow this archive via digests, internet archives, etc
Archives Archives Feed-icon-14x14.png Archives Archives


We do not have a dedicated IRC channel right now; the general low-traffic ##fonts channel on should be used instead. It is shared by all the FLOSS font groups and is distribution-agnostic.

SIG members

The following Fedora members contribute on a permanent or semi-permanent basis to this SIG:

  • MairinDuffy
  • BehdadEsfahbod
  • KevinFenzi
  • DimitrisGlezos
  • NicolasMailhot
  • HansUlrichNiedermann
  • JensPetersen
  • RahulSundaram
  • SimosXenitellis

External references

  • The text layout working group regularly publishes materials on present and future state of text rendering on FLOSS desktops. They're all a must-read.
  • Ed Trager maintains the very complete unifont web site.
  • The Open Font Library is an effort to host open fonts, though all may not be free enough for Fedora.
  • Other distributions have fonts packaging projects, notably Debian and Ubuntu .