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Stuff that needs to be done

A page of the Fonts Special Interest Group

One-time tasks

Tasks with no referenced driver(s) are free for the taking. No one is currently working on them.

Task name Driver(s) Description
Consolidate existing font-related material Comb the wiki for existing font-related material, figure how to integrate it in the SIG space, ask permission from its authors, and move it there.
Clarify the wiki Rework the wiki pages Nicolas Mailhot wrote into something mere humans understand.
Fill an evangelism page Interview the groups that managed to get fonts released under a suitable license[1], and write some guidelines to help future similar efforts. Write a bit about what fonts should be promoted as web or document fonts and why.
Write core font packaging guidelines Add legacy core font guidelines to the packaging section.
Write console font packaging guidelines Add console bitmap font guidelines to the packaging section.
Complete the QA section Collect tips on how to identify what causes a particular text rendering problem, starting from this message and turn them into a nice wiki page so problem reporters can be autonomous.
Add design information to the dev section Use the material already posted in this thread and complete it if needed to write up guidance for new would-be free/libre font designers.
Complete the packaged list Get current font packagers to document their packages in the pipeline or do it in their stead.
Complete the localization matrix JensPetersen Get each language team to fill its part of the matrix.

Recurrent tasks

Those tasks will be valid as long as the SIG is active. Everyone can and should work on them.

Task name Description
Create fonts Work on font creation.
Liberate new fonts Evangelise free/libre fonts.
Identify new candidates to packaging Complete and fill wishes.
Package them Package new fonts and reference them as needing review.
Review new packages Work on the review list.
Identify problems Work on QA.
Fix problems Work on dev.

Completed tasks

Task name Driver(s) Description
Create SIG wiki space NicolasMailhot Put some material on the wiki to get the SIG into business.
Request mailing list creation NicolasMailhot Get the mailing lists the SIG needs created.
Get our legal page approved NicolasMailhot Have spot review and interface with our legal page.
Get our packaging policy approved NicolasMailhot Get FPC to approve our initial packaging guidelines.
Make the SIG appealing Artwork team Create a banner to identify Fonts SIG pages visually.
Mediawiki conversion NicolasMailhot Do a first pass on the SIG wiki to fix conversion breakage


  1. For example the Greek people involved in the freeing of MgOpen.

Fonts in Fedora
The Fonts SIG takes loving care of Fedora fonts. Please join this special interest group if you are interested in creating, improving, packaging, or just suggesting a font. Any help will be appreciated.