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This is the home page for the Fedora French team activities.

Contact us

You can contact us by email (or through our NPO if you don't know who to choose), or IRC channel #fedora-fr on the Libera network.

On top of the general Ambassadors mailing list, we have our own list (in French).

Seasonned and would-be contributors could join the #fedora-devel-fr channel (also on Libera).


We have our own community website where we provide documentation and support forum for French speaking users. We also use a track system (indefero) at

You can also browse the website of the Borsalinux-Fr non-profit organisation, which is the legal structure we created to support our actions. Borsalinux-Fr allowed us to leverage our actions by improving our logistics and giving French speaking contributors and users a gathering point.

Our actions

We hold weekly meetings in #fedora-meeting on Libera, each Monday at 20:30 (local Paris time). Feel free to join us! (meetings are held in French though).

Borsalinux-Fr folks like to socialize, sharing a few drinks, so we often organize local meetings (Lyon, Paris, Nantes, Caen, etc.). Find out about them on our planet !

You'll find bellow some pages giving more informations about us and detailing our activities as a Fedora local community.