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This page presents the activities and financial report of the Fedora-Fr NPO for the 2009 fiscal year (from January 1st 2009 to December 31st 2009).

Annual Budget

Estimated 2009 Budget

This section presents the budget we planned at the beginning of the year.

Credit Debit
Fedora Project Funding 3,700.00€
Other incomes 2,000.00€
Total incomes 5,700.00€
Insurance [1] 100.00€
Media producing 900.00€
Booth material purchase 150.00€
Swag purchase 1,000.00€
Solutions Linux 2009 1,400.00€
Ambassadors funding [2] 2,450.00€
Room renting [3] 90€
Total expenses 6,090.00€
  1. All NPOs in France must have an insurance. We didn't spend money on this in 2009 because we had a hard time finding one. This is solved for 2010.
  2. This was supposed to account for train tickets for french ambassadors going to events in a remote city. Looks like we planned way too much as no one asked for it. We took that into account when planning the 2010 budget.
  3. We thought we would have to pay for the room where we would hold the NPO yearly general meeting. We finally managed to have one for free.

Real 2009 Budget

This section presents the actual budget as reviewed at the end of the year.

Credit Debit
Members subscriptions 324.00€
Fedora Project Funding [1][2] 3,700.00€
Swag sales 1,318.40€
Spreadshirt shop sales 127.03€
Diverse incomes from events [3] 1,255.00€
Total incomes 6,724.43€
Swag purchase 2,942.10€
Media producing 1,198.39€
Booth material purchase [4] 404.25€
Subscription to the April [5] 40.00€
Solutions Linux 2009 [1] 1,516.70€
Funding transfer to tunisian ambassadors [2] 370.00€
Shipping costs 12.00€
Accounting error [6] 51.95€
Total expenses 6,535.39€

  1. 1.0 1.1 The tunisian (a french speaking country) community was forming at this time. Fedora-Fr invited them to Solutions Linux in Paris (paying for part of their travel expenses) to help them kickstart their activities and make sure they had what they needed. Funding for this was the reason why the Fedora Project gave us so much money this year.
  2. 2.0 2.1 The tunisian community was forming at this time, so they had no legal structure to receive funding. FAMSCo decided it would be much easier to transfer the funds through Fedora-Fr. This is also a reason why the Fedora Project gave us so much money this year.
  3. These concern the money we gathered during events but couldn't identify. They could be donations, swag sales that weren't accounted, etc... We'll try to make sure and better identify our incomes next year.
  4. We produced a banner and a kakemono for our booths. Those are longer-term investments that we won't renew each year.
  5. Founded in 1996, April is the main French advocacy association devoted to promote and protect Free/Libre Software. With its 5389 members (4939 individuals, 450 businesses, associations and organizations as of March 2010), April is a pioneer of Free Software in France. Since 1996, it is a major player in the democratization and the spread of free software and open standards to the general public, professionals and institutions in the French-speaking world. It also acts as a watchdog on digital freedoms, warning the public about the dangers of private interests keeping an exclusive stranglehold on information and knowledge.
  6. Our treasurer went through the accounting several times, looking at all the files provided by our bank. Still, this money is nowhere to be found. We'll be much stricter with our accounting this year so that this never happens again.

Fedora-fr NPO Yearly Activity Report


Today, the organizations has 29 members. It is one member less than last General Assembly and even if he was reminded of his involvement, he did not want to subscribe again to the organization. The 29 members are only people person and no organizations or firm. Among these 29 persons, 7 are late of payment for renewing their fees. The file of the organizations is full of 60 names.

As each year, some persons wanted to get member of the organization and get registered to our online management member tool but they did not send their fees. 8 persons are in this case this year.

New registrations are often done during events where the organization is present. Very few persons subscribe through our online management member tool

Like last year, the organization does not have any honor member.

Legal Processes


No assurance has been subscribed yet. Several companies have been met and it remains difficult to get subscribed because NPOs are considered as bad payers and reluctant to give factual information when requested.


Install Party, Nantes, February 2009 (40 people av.)

Linux Nantes Organization invites Fedora at each of its Install Party. We are still heart-fully welcomed and have a solid user base. We install about 5 to 7 computers with Fedora.

FOSDEM, Brussels, February 2009 (5000 people av.)

Like each year, Fedora-fr was not present by itself at the event at Brussels. However, member of the organization could attend the event and represent the organization to foreign ambassadors. Thomas, Pierre Yves and Armel could have an hour of conference in a Room so as to share their experience about the creation of Fedora-fr organization, the website and our relationship with the Project. We had positive feedbacks on the presentation and objectives. We had a serious chat with Max Spevack on our 2009 objectives, such as having the Tunisian guys coming to Solutions Linux and buy booth material. Max gave his agreement on a funding so as to help covering these expenditures.

Open doors at Angers University, March 2009 (150 people av.)

Armel Kermorvant is invited each year for this event as a Fedora Project contributor. It is also the occasion to get in touch with our user base. At the moment, we can't say that a local community is getting created.

Solutions Linux, Paris, March 2009 (8500 people av.)

Like each year, Fedora-fr is present at Solutions Linux inside the organization village. Big change this year, the event change its location from the CNIT to the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles exhibition center. During this event, we prepared some actions as T-Shirt creation. On the other hand, four people of the Fedora Tunisian Community were able to join the event. This was a precious moment for discussion and share of experience. The organization was given a funding and we completed it to have the Tunisians to come. Thanks to our contact inside RedHat and with the help of Max we could have a good covering of Fedora in professional IT press (Vnet TV et

Install Party, Amiens, May 2009 (40 people av.)

First attendance at the event ofr the organization, where Quentin and Nicolas could attend. The objective was to have someone from fedora-fr to represent the Linux distribution and the Project objectives, as the LUG does not know very much about Fedora. We expected more vistors at the event. Experience were shared with the LUG but after the event, no contact was given by each side unfortunately.

Computer Science day, Maubeuge, June 2009 (200 people av.)

For the second year, Fedora-fr had a booth on this event, this time represented by Emmanuel and a contributor from the French forum. Emmanuel could get all the goodies he requested to the organization and had a lot of questions from the visitors. Lots of visitors were there and their profiles were multiple from the real geek to the curious visitor. Very friendly atmosphere.

Fedora Meetings (Release Install Party), Paris, June 2009 (100 people av.)

Fedora Meetings were organized in Paris in June 2009 with the help of parinux, the Paris local LUG, for the release of Fedora 11. We did not met our attendance objectives for these two days. The main reason is that the event took place very close to the summer holidays (June 27th and 28th). Moreover we did not manage to have enough French Ambassadors and organization members attending the event. We could sell USB key with pre-installed and it becomes from an important schwag to sell during events.

Install Party, Nantes, June 2009 (40 people av.)

Fedora-fr could attend the event again and could bring Fedora Live CDs. There are users who regularly come to these events and it is very encouraging for the future.

RMLL, Nantes, 2009 (3000 people av.)

RMLL were organized this year at Nantes (the place changes each year). This event is very important to us because it helps us reaching a different audience than the Fedora Meetings. During this event, very few people came to attend the booth (summer holidays). However, Mathieu Bridon could manage to attend the booth with the help of Mandriva-fr Organization and the help of Emmanuel Seyman. Thomas Canniot was able to come for a day, during which he was interviewed about the Fedora Project and the latest news of the Linux distribution. Max Spevack was also able to attend and see the event.

Humanity Fest, Paris, September 2009 (8000 people av.)

For the third consecutive year, Fedora-fr at the Humanity Fest. Nicolas, Quentin and Mathieu coul introduce the organization and give CD, stickers and some flyers they created for the occasion to about 200 people. The Humanity Fest attracts lots of people but they don't come of Fedora (as it used to be a political event which turns little by little to a cultural event) The public is widly in favor of FOSS (due to the former political value that created the event).

JM2L, Sofia Antipolis, November 2009 (40 people av.)

We were contacted by Laurent Charpentier from this area about this day. He could speak for Fedora and was given some booth materials and CDs. We will try in the future to come back to this event.

Install Party Ubuntu-fr, Paris, November 2009 (4000 people av.)

During the Ubuntu-fr NPO install fest at the Cité des Sciences, the organizors invitent the distributions communities to come and talk about their own distributions in order the share with Ubuntu users a more complete FOSS ecosystem. Thomas proposed itself for the task and could explain the Fedora Project principles and foundations and the differences between Fedora and other Linux distributions. The very high attendance is very good to touch a difficult “target”.

Fedora Meetings, Cité des sciences, Paris, December 2009 (200 people av.)

For the Fedora 12 release, we were at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie during December the 12th and 13th December. We had many more people than during the June event. We had little trouble about room booking because disorganization from the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, but ended well thanks to Olivier from Ubuntu-fr (who knows very much the guys there). We realized presentations and workshops. For the first time, a new member produced a video report of the event with interviews. It was broadcast online and wes very successful. We tend to see people from an event to another. They are being loyal little by little. We also noticed they are less question about comparing Fedora with other distribution. The message tends to be well received. About speakers, we had Sean Daly (Coordinateur Marketing SugarLabs), William Hoffmann (RedHat), ...

These days are very important for us as we can communicate directly with the public and members of the community.

Free Saturdays, Cité des sciences, Paris 2009 (20 people av.)

We participated more and more this year to the Free Saturdays. The first Saturday of each month, a little event takes place at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie where all distribution communities are available for help and questions to a motivated attendance. We can find Mandriva, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora generally. Each month, about 20 people come and talk or require help. The installation volume is low however, because the event is multi-distribution. It helps a lot to bring Linux communities closer.

Derived Products

Online Shop

Sells are low but regular. We decided to update our offer to with the new Fedora branding but sells did not got higher unfortunately. However, it allows us to gain a little bit of money.

USB Keys

USB keys are a real success. We may tend to try to produce more keys.

External Relationships

Parinux (Paris Local LUG)

Relationships with Parinux are good. We meet this NPO several time during the year during Install fests and Free Saturdays, and First Thursday.

This relationship is very important and we have to continue this way between the two NPO.

APRIL fees renewal

Fedora-fr renewed it fees to APRIL LUG for a 40€ amount.

Nantes LUG relationship

We have very good relationship with the LUG. Armel Kermorvant often goes to the event and get involved in the group life. Install Fests are regularly made and Fedora-fr NPO is always invited.

Fedora Project Relationship

They are good as well. They are mostly made through Max Spevack and Yaakov Nemoy. Discussions are productive and Max is available for every discussion about the NPO and the community.

Fedora EMEA e.V relationships

Unfortunately, no contact were made during the year with Fedora EMEA e.V.

French Community

The community is healthy. Our forum has 19 300 members since it was created and contains 48 440 topics. We are still hosted by the same company which provides a very good services for no subscription for our part. We tried to publish a news magazine about Fedora as well but we meet major issues about having it written comfortably.

About Fedora | Paris and Fedora | Lyon (Fedora people from a town meet and have lunch at a restaurant together) are very quiet these times. We think this is temporary and that the activity is going to come back very soon.