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=== 参与项目的方式 ===
=== 参与项目的方式 ===
* [[Join the package collection maintainers|成为包收集小组的维护人员]]
* [[Join the package collection maintainers|点击此处成为包收集小组的维护人员]]
* [[Package_Review_Process|包审核项目]] - describes the formal review process (for both contributors and reviewers)
* [[Package_Review_Process|包审核项目]]——编辑所有由贡献人员制作的包的审核进度
* [[:Category:Packaging_SIGs|打包特别兴趣小组]] - Informal groups of packagers working on specific areas of the distribution
* [[:Category:Packaging_SIGs|加入打包特别兴趣小组]]——对发行版特殊部分感兴趣的打包者小组
* [[EPEL/zh-cn|EPEL]] - Rebuild of Fedora packages for RHEL or compatible derivatives
* [[EPEL/zh-cn|EPEL]]——重构所有针对RHEL及其衍生发行版的附加组件包
=== 打包委员会===
=== 打包委员会===

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Fedora项目的所有包由Red Hat成员和整个社区的志愿者共同维护。



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The Packaging Committee handles the rules and guidelines for packaging software in Fedora. The most important ones:

Packaging Guidelines | Licensing Guidelines | Package Naming Guidelines | Dist Tag Guidelines | Package Review Guidelines | Recipes for RPM post scripts

Further reading

Resources for Fedora Package Collection contributors

Important Mailing Lists

Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo)

Fedora technical management is organized by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo).

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