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You probably want to use Copr for this, instead:

Fedora People Repos

Fedora Packagers looking to create a repo at should follow the directions below. These repos should only be used for packages that are intended for end-user non-transient use. For example:

  • Bring a major release version to an older Fedora release
  • Testing out new software before putting it in rawhide
  • Alternate packages already available (different compile options for example)

Things it should not be used for include:

Create repo

Create Repo Layout

Log in to using ssh and run:

$ newgrp cla_done
$ new_repo

And follow the directions.

Local Repo

You must create all repodata locally on your workstation, not on If you compiled via koji --scratch builds, download those builds and follow the example below (nagios, nagios-debuginfo and nagios-devel had already been downloaded to ~/)

$ mkdir /tmp/myrepo
$ cd /tmp/myrepo
$ mkdir i386 x86_64 SRPMS
$ cp ~/nagios*3.1.2-2.fc12.i386.rpm ./i386
$ cp ~/nagios*3.1.2-2.fc12.x86_64.rpm ./x86_64
$ cp ~/nagios-3.1.2-2.fc12.src.rpm ./SRPMS
$ for dir in *; do cd $dir; createrepo ./; cd ..; done

You now have 3 local dnf|yum repos in your i386, x86_64 and SRPMS directory

It is recommended to use a dist tag when creating rpms to avoid confusion

Upload Repos

Note: to complete this step you need the REPO_PATH from the "Create Repo Layout" above.

$ rsync -avz *$REPO_PATH

Accessing new repo

Your new repo should now be listed at:

A cron job will be run regularly to add it to the list of known repos at:

Delete repo

To delete a path, just use REPO_PATH from above and remove it:

rm -rf /srv/repos/mmcgrath/nagios

Script for easy create tree local repo directory

#!/usr/bin/env bash
declare -a branches=(fedora-13 fedora-14)
declare -a rpmdir=(i386 x86_64 noarch SRPMS)

eval mkdir -pv $repoLocalDir/{"${branches[*]}"}/{"${rpmdir[*]}"}

Script for easy repo update

#!/usr/bin/env bash
declare -a branch=(fedora-13 fedora-14)
declare -a rpmdir=(i386 x86_64 noarch SRPMS)
declare -a rsyncParam=(-avtz --delete)

cd $repoLocalDir
for dir2 in "${branch[@]}"
    echo -e "\033[31mUpdate $dir2 repos:\033[0m"
    cd $dir2
    for dir3 in "${rpmdir[@]}"
        echo -e "\033[34m\t* $dir3:\033[0m"
        cd $dir3
        createrepo ./
        rsync "${rsyncParam[@]}" ./* $$fasLogin/$repoName/$dir2/$dir3
        cd ..
    cd ..
cd ..

In my example i put all fedora branch in ~/repos directory so maybe you need modify this. You can use sed for quick replace as:

$ sed -i "s|repoLocalDir=~/repos|repoLocalDir=newDirName|"

And you need replace bioinfornatics by to own fas login

$ sed -i "s|fasLogin=bioinfornatics|fasLogin=fasLoginName|"

In last my repos is named D so you need replace this to:

$ sed -i "s|repoName=D|repoName=myRepoName|"