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The Chaos Communication Congress is a large conference with more than 13,000 attendees in 2015. It covers all aspects of online and offline life and is a big gathering for makers, open-source projects, security researchers and hackers.

Location & Schedule

The congress takes place from 26 December (preparation day) till 30 December in the CCH in Hamburg, Germany: It will be open non-stop with talks usually happen from 11:00h till 02:00h (20:00h on the last day).

Fedora Project Attendees & Assembly Staff

Name/Link to Userpage Attendency Date Hometown Ticket ordered Interested in Presenting/Holding a workshop Possible exhibition items Areas of expertise
Till Maas 26 December - 30 December Aachen, Germany Checkmark.png Checkmark.png (ARM) microcontrollers, blinking items Security, Packaging, Release Engineering, Programming, ...
Giannis Konstantinidis 26 December - 30 December Thessaloniki, Greece Checkmark.png RPi Community Building
Sylvia Sanchez 26 December - 30 December Frankfurt, Germany Checkmark.png Security, Science (Astronomy), Community Building
Oles Pidgornyy 26 December - 30 December Frankfurt, Germany Checkmark.png Development. Packaging Programming, Community Building
Zacharias Mitzelos 26 December - 30 December Athens, Greece Checkmark.png Fedora rollup banners (x2) Communities, Programming, Ruby


Two double rooms are reserved in the Radisson Blu Hotel directly at the conference.


Description Amount
Entry, one four day pass 100 Euro
Hotel, 1 Double room, 4 days ca. 756 Euro


Ideas for self-organized sessions:

  • RPM packaging workshop
  • Introduction into Fedora

Assembly item ideas:

More information

Previous congress: (The Wiki for 33C3 is not yet available):

Pictures and Reports