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About me

My name is Sylvia Sánchez. It's been years using Fedora and now I'm a Fedora Ambassador and contributor to the project. I'm from Uuguay, a small pillow between Argentina and Brasil, facing the sea. I'm currently travelling over many countries. I contribute to the Fedora Project as technical writer, translator and sometimes designer. I'm also a fiction writer in my spare time. Besides that I create images and work part time as community manager for some rock bands.


Activities within Fedora

  • Organise an event about Technology and Fedora.
  • Organise a mini workshop with community members from near countries.
  • Participating in the Space Apps Challenge (NASA) as Fedora Ambassador and contributor, showing the perks of using it.
  • Writing articles in Fedora Magazine.
  • Writing articles on my own blog, Crossing the air. ( [1] )
  • Reporting bugs. (Gourmet got fixed thanks to me!)