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* [[User:Robert|Robert Scheck]]
* [[User:Robert|Robert Scheck]]
* [[User:Fab|Fabian Affolter]]
* [[User:Fab|Fabian Affolter]]
* one free slot left!
* [[User:jens|Jens Kuehnel ]]
Free entry and Catering is limited to this line -------------
Free entry and Catering is limited to this line -------------

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Fedora Events: Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2012 - Chemnitz, Germany

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The Chemnitzer Linux-days are an event for everyone about Linux and open source. The place is Chemnitz, the CLUG, the Computer Center and the faculty of computer science at the TU Chemnitz and many volunteers make it happen.

Talks, Demonstrations, Live Workshops, and Projects who present themselves. In addition to many Booth´s of companies and project groups are the major topics to more then 3000 Visitors. Chemnitzer Linuxtage

When and Where


Booth Personal

We should have 4-5 ambassadors in order to have always at least two ambassadors on the booth. The organizers limit also the personal for the booth. But people with an accepted talk get the same!

Free entry and Catering is limited to this line -------------

  • Your name


Speaker Topic Status
Christoph Wickert Fighting spam with postscreen (German)
JoergSimon FSL & OSSTMM (English or German)
Robert Scheck Building RPMs made easy (German)
Robert Scheck, Sirko Kemter Contribute or Die (German)
Sirko Kemter Free Your Slides (German)
Sirko Kemter Gimp-Workshop (German)
Sirko Kemter Inkscape-Workshop (German)
Thorsten Leemhuis Aktuelle Entwicklungen beim Linux-Kernel (German)
Thorsten Leemhuis Die Entwicklung von Linux durch Testen neuer Kernel unterstützen (German)
Your name Your talk Checkmark.png=accepted, Warning.png=rejected


We can expect from the organizer:

  • Space
  • 2 meter table
  • 2-4 chairs
  • Wired&Wireless Internet Access and electricity
  • Special Poster produced by CLT for us, as we wish
  • Wall for Posters

What we will bring (Setup from last year is sure):

  • ...

Dev/Project Room/Fedora Track

  • in discussion

Fedora Project Attendees/Visitors

In addition to the people listed as booth personal, the following Fedora Project attendees are also going to visit Chemnitz:

  • ...


  • ...


  • ...


  • ...