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Chromium web browser

Chromium is the upstream project that Google Chrome browser is based on. Fedora does not include Chromium web browser in the official repository due to problems outlined in

Tom 'spot' Callaway is working with Google to fix the problems in Chromium so that it can be made available in the official repository.

Copr repository

Copr is the place for unofficial community packages and Chromium is available in Copr. Read the instructions carefully on the repository page on how to install Chromium.

Google Chrome

Since Chromium is upstream for Google Chrome, all the same issues apply. In addition to that, Fedora does not include Google Chrome because it is a proprietary product and bundles other proprietary software such as Adobe Flash plugin. However, Google does maintain a yum repository for Fedora at

The link above also includes downloadable RPMs that you may use to install Chrome.