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This page is a brief overview of communication tools and terms that can be used in Marketing projects.

FIXME -- It would be nice to give examples of how these terms apply to something within Fedora - an upcoming release, a feature, a project, etc.

Example Article
This article provides a practical example in which comments will be made through a tip box.


The document should start with a brief presentation about the organization that is promoting the product/service.


The presentation of the product or service to promote.


The analysis should contemplate the following:

  1. Characterization of the clients that consume the category of the product or service to promote (social-demographic characteristics, psicographic and situacional).
  2. Information Processing: does the audience knows well, average, or doesn't know the product/service?
  3. Degree of involvement from the client with the product or service to promote.
  4. Perceptions of the client facing the product or service and while facing the competitor products/services.


Definition of the goals to be reached with the Communication Plan and positioning (if the product/service already exists) or future (if the product/service doesn't exist or if it's changing positioning).

Target Audience

Selection and identification of the target audience.


Choosing the message (slogan, “elevator speech” - this means 30 second speech, images, videos, etc...). Consider several existing techniques and creativity strategies.

Communication Mix

The components of the chosen “communication mix” (specify the channels and means of communication). What goals to reach with each one of them, and with the mix itself. Tactics adopted for each of them and why.

Other considerations

  1. Is the internal audience involved on the plan?
  2. Is the image coherent with the adopted positioning?
  3. Cultural differences (in case the plan is addressed to an international community; when addressing to minorities, this is also important).


Does the plan follow ethical principals and is socially responsible (from the scope of the communication campaign and through the product/service to promote).

Legal Considerations

Do we have legislation to follow regarding the communication campaign? Specially regarding the product/service, are legal considerations respected?