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Community Architecture vs. Fedora
The portion of the Community Architecture budget that is spent on public, Fedora-related activities is detailed here. This is only a subset of the Community Architecture team's total internal-to-Red-Hat budget.

FY13 summary

Through August 10, 2013:

Item Budget Spend
Premier Fedora Events $90,500 $
Regional support $71,500 $
Discretionary funds $5,000 $
= =
Total $167,000 $

NOTE: We have governance in place for how "premier Fedora events" and "regional support" funds are spent in a community-collaborative way. The "discretionary funds" are allocated at the discretion of the OSAS team in conjunction with the FPL, which chooses to make that line item of its larger budget transparent because most discretionary spending ends up being on Fedora.

Premier Fedora Events

Regional Support

Discretionary Funds