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The Community Leadership Summit 2010 is the second incarnation of the popular event designed to bring together community leaders and managers and the projects and organizations that are interested in growing and empowering a strong community.

Quick facts

  • What: CLS 2012
  • Where: Portland, Oregon
  • Hotel: TBD
  • When: July 14-15, 2012, right before OSCON.


Let's have a list of folks who are attending for now.

Who Notes
Ryan Singer BAMF
Mark Terranova ALL Hail Tux the Magnificent! BAMF
Sarah White Can help wherever needed.
Nixie Pixel BAMF, Making videos
Chris Whitehorn BAMF
add yourself here and your notes

Proposed budget

  • $942 lodging for Cali group
  • $290 for gas and parking (2 cars)

Actual Budget