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Ryan Singer
Ryan Singer
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FAS name: Ryansinger
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IRC nick: Ryansinger
IRC channels: #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-mktg
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Open Source

I am very involved in Open Source and Open Standards. From 2002 to 2007, I was the Marketing Contact for the United States (West Coast) for, as well as co-founding the business development project there. Since then, I co-founded the OpenDocument Fellowship and the OpenDocument Foundation (not to be confused with the Document Foundation). Professionally, I've done every job in Open Source that sometimes involves wearing a suit: Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Product Management, Business Development and Consulting.

Now I spend time divided between two major projects. The first is called Peace Markets, and is being incubated by the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford University. The second project is currently stealth, but will launch late summer. I'll update this profile when it does!.


I've started as a Fedora Ambassador to help mentor the next generation of FL/OSS volunteers. I care passionately about the Freedoms that the Fedora Project helps protect. When possible I plan to pitch in with the Marketing Team, especially in regards to updating and improving strategy and tactics. I generally use IRC for meetings if email or other methods will not work.