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This is a summary of important goals for the Fedora Engineering team for Red Hat Fiscal Year 2018 (March 2017 - February 2018).

Please note this is not a comprehensive list. Many team members have numerous additional goals for contribution to the project. In addition, all team members work with the community ad-hoc throughout the year to troubleshoot problems, mentor new contributors, and create additional opportunities for community participation.

While Red Hat employees on the team are accountable for the progress of these goals, each one is fully open to the community to participate. Contribution is essential to achieving these goals, and we want and need the community's help! In Fedora, there is no such thing as "someone else's problem." We are all part of the solution. The indicator of a lead person shows accountability for whatever work the Fedora Engineering team has committed to. It may not be the same as a person leading an overall project.

The release engineering priority pipeline includes additional back end technical work going on in Fedora teams.

Infrastructure and General

To help with these goals, contact the Infrastructure team -- #fedora-admin[?].

Description Lead Person Alley-oop Target
Stand up OpenShift test and production instances for app development/deployment kfenzi puiterwijk Q2
Create community accessible repo for Fedora statistics reporting and customization ssmoogen Q3
Apps deployed in production OpenShift: first wave (paste, other as needed) relrod puiterwijk Q2
Apps deployed in production OpenShift: next wave kfenzi, relrod puiterwijk Q3/Q4
Upgrade of Openstack relrod puiterwijk Q3/Q4
Security review of application deployments puiterwijk Q1-Q4 (continuous)
Coordinate and execute PHX2 mass move of Fedora infra ssmoogen Q2-Q4
Establish SLEs, publish via infra-docs, coordinate w/ other community infra kfenzi Q4
Establish database replication across all database services kfenzi Q4

Release Infrastructure

Team members participate in rel-eng work as well, especially Adam Miller, Randy Barlow, Kushal Das, and Sayan Chowdhury. Note that additional release infrastructure development is tracked at ReleaseEngineering/PriorityPipeline.

Description Lead Person Alley-oop Target
OSBS orchestration/worker cluster maxamillion Q2
Streamline Bodhi mash process kushal Q2/Q3
OSBS multi-arch containers buildable maxamillion Q3
Bodhi related updates for coordinating pushes bowlofeggs Q3/Q4
Openshift metrics / reporting maxamillion Q4?

Application development

To help with these goals, contact the Infrastructure Applications team -- #fedora-apps[?].

Description Lead Person Alley-oop Target
Anitya refactoring and reword jcline Q1/Q2
Bodhi gains abstract concept of content to allow other types bowlofeggs Q2
Critical performance review and fixes for Pagure (general) puiterwijk Q2 DONE
Fixes for FMN to accommodate CI requirements jcline pingou Q2
Pagure over dist-git (to allow PR workflow for packages/tests) pingou Q2 DONE
Complete server and client rollouts for new fpaste relrod Q2 DONE
FMN rewrite jcline Q3?
Bodhi container support bowlofeggs jcline Q3/Q4
Message API for fedmsg (tentative) jcline Q4? moved to FY19
Application development SOPs Whole team jcline Q2-Q4 (continuous)

Design and content

To help with these goals, contact the Design team -- #fedora-design[?].

Description Category Lead Person Target
Flock deliverables. Media, collateral, and other design work for Flock 2017. General design Ryan Lerch Q2
Design mentorship. Provide mentoring and assistance to key FOSS interns e.g. Outreachy, working on active team projects. Cultivate new contribution via Fedora Design team. Outreach Máirín Duffy Q2, Q4
Patternlab. Establish atoms, molecules, organisms for use along with fedora-bootstrap for standardized design in Fedora apps. General design Máirín Duffy Q3
Magazine editorial. Drive record number of pageviews in FY2017 through contributor outreach and content curation. Turn over editorial reins. Collateral/marketing Ryan Lerch Q1-4 (continuous)


To help with these goals, contact the Kernel team -- #fedora-kernel[?].

Team High Level Goals

  • Plan for and deliver high quality kernel for upcoming Fedora releases
  • Improve team efficiency and community collaboration
  • Increase participation in upstream kernel community


Specific action items will be derived from these goals.

Description Category Lead Person Target
Increase upstream kernel reviews and bugfixes. Upstream is continually looking for additional patch reviews. By increasing our participation there we can help avoid bugs. We'll also use this to increase our team's overall knowledge by gaining a deeper understanding of various focus areas within the kernel. Upstream
Publish various communications about the Fedora kernel. The kernel is often a hot topic in various communities. We'll look at continuing the upstream Fedora patch reports, and possibly writing articles for Fedora Magazine. Collaboration
Community Outreach The Fedora kernel community has several active members but could always improve. Through efforts like Outreachy, we can grow the understanding and expertise of interested community members. Outreach
Improved popular platform support People like to use their hardware with a minimum amount of fuss. Look into ways to accomplish this for popular hardware. Hardware enablement
Architecture support The primary Fedora platform is x86_64. However, there are always interesting things happening on other architectures such as armv7hl, arm64, etc. We'll investigate possible areas where we as a team can help further progress or provide solutions with these architectures. Architecture

Work Items

Description Lead Person Target
Upstream patch reviews and bugfixes All FY
Blog/magazine postings on kernel topics All FY
Release maintenance All FY