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This page is deprecated
All Fedora Release Engineering Documentation has moved here with source hosted along side the code in the releng pagure repository


When Quality Engineering requests a TC or RC they do so by filing or reopening a ticket in Release Engineering trac. There is one trac ticket per milestone.


create the full product tree.

Composing the Tree

1) Log into a compose system: compose-x86-01 or

$ ssh -A

ssh agent forwarding is needed to enable sshing to boxes for composing the different arch trees.

2) update or checkout the git repo

$ cd releng/
$ git pull --rebase


$ git clone

3) Sign rpms for bleed repo


repeat step 2 on signing box.

$ cd releng/scripts
$ NSS_HASH_ALG_SUPPORT=+MD5 ./ fedora-22 -v --write-all <build nvrs>

4) update the bleed repo on compose-x86-01:

$ ~/releng/scripts/makebleed <build nvrs>

5) kick off compose on a compose system: compose-x86-01 or

for a TC

$ cd ~/releng/scripts
$ ./run-pungi 22_Beta_TC9 "" 20150409

for a RC

$ cd ~/releng/scripts
$ ./run-pungi 22_Beta _RC2 20150413

6) check the compose

check the tree under /mnt/fedora_koji/compose/<Compose>/<Release>/ for completeness

7) open up the tree:

sg releng "chmod 755 /pub/alt/stage/<Compose>/"

8) Close the ticket: Copy the ooutput pasted at teh end of run-pungi and paste into the ticket and close it.

Update the ticket

The ticket should be closed when the compose has been opened up pasting in the output from run-pungi


Verification can be done as the task steps are being performed.

Image Creation

When pungi exits, you can verify that the development/<arch>/os/images/ directory exists and has content. That path is relative to the destination directory you provide pungi.

Updating the Ticket

One can click the link provided in the ticket update and ensure the path is correct. Verifying that the ticket is closed should be pretty self evident.

Consider Before Running

Many things can hinder a compose, broken deps in the chroot set, broken deps in the compose set, bugs in the compose software, etc... If any problem is ran into along the way, it is best to alert QA via a ticket update, and then work with the appropriate party to clear the obstruction.

Some of these tasks take a long time to finish, so it is highly recommended that you run these tasks in a screen session.