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| Ambassadors, News, KDE SIG, Marketing
| Ambassadors, News, KDE SIG, Marketing
| [[User:MooDoo|Paul Mellors]]
| Male
| United Kingdom (UK)
| Ambassadors, Free Media

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this page is a mashup of the ideas of Max Spevack[1] and Ryan Rix, and should be considered draft. Please feel free to add feedback and ideas on the talk page.


The contributor podcast is a project designed to give Fedora project contributors the chance to meet fellow contributors who they would not talk to in their daily business while also giving the community at large a chance to learn about one of the contributors.


  • To give project members a chance to interact with a contributor they normally would not talk to
    • Forge new relationships
    • Interact with people of different nationality
    • Interact and forge relationships with contributors of other sub projects
  • To give the community at large an introduction to the various faces that make up our project
    • Excite current contributors ("How cool, I got interviewed in a podcast that over 9000 people may listen to!" Their 'fifteen minutes of fame')
    • Attract potential contributors(?)
    • Show that there is more to the Fedora Project, and FLOSS in general, than just basement geeks coding

Guiding Principle

There are a huge number of people in our community, and most contributors probably only really work with a handful of people each day. While they may recognize many names, how much do contributors really know about what others are doing? Does someone who writes for the Docs Team have any idea what it's like to maintain package $FOO? Does someone who participates in Fedora Test Days every now and then have any idea of what it takes to produce the Installation Guide every release? How much does an Ambassador in Germany know about what Ambassadors in Venezuela are doing?


  • Don't interview someone you have ever met face to face
  • Don't interview someone who lives in the same country as you do
    • Larger countries could be broken into regions(?)
  • There should only be one string (to keep thing sounding (being?) important)

Interview Process

  1. Contributor 1 chooses someone in the community who falls into the guidelines above
  2. Contributor 1 conducts interview. The interview should, preferably take place on Fedora Talk, recorded using Pulsecaster. If this isn't possible, interview will take place over IRC. Fedora's bot, zodbot could be used to easily log this meeting.
    1. What do they do in the community?
    2. How did they get involved in GNU/Linux and the Fedora project?
    3. What is their favorite food(?) (Similar general questions, not related to Fedora)
    4. (expand)
  3. Within two weeks(?), Contributor 1 posts the interview to their blog, which is syndicated on Planet Fedora
    1. Could this be done by one blog with this as its only purpose?
    2. What if the interviewer isn't syndicate or doesn't have a blog?
  4. Within two weeks(?) of posting, Contributor 2 must choose someone to interview, and the process repeats itself.
    1. If you are unsure who to interview, choose one who fits to above rules from the table below
  5. Should the chain stop for any reason, one of the contributors signed up below should take the initiative(!!!) to pick someone else from the list and roll with it (Would this work in practice?)

Prospective Interviewees

Feel free to add yourself to this list if you want to be interviewed. If a contributor is looking for someone to interview, they will look here. (table with headings: Name (with link to their User: page), Sex, Nation, Contributing to (Fedora projects))

Name (With User:page link) Sex Nation Regular Contributor to...
Ryan Rix Male United States (AZ) Ambassadors, News, KDE SIG, Marketing
Paul Mellors Male United Kingdom (UK) Ambassadors, Free Media