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The nomination period is CLOSED. The nomination period ended at 23:59:59 UTC on May 15, 2012.

For the last election, see NominationsNovember2011

In the May 2012 election, there are 5 seats open. Open seats are currently held by: Kevin Fenzi, Bill Nottingham, Peter Jones, Stephen Gallagher, and Tomáš Mráz.


The community has submitted the questions that it wants you to answer. The list of questions is here: F18_elections_questionnaire#Fedora_Engineering_Steering_Committee_.28FESCo.29

Please do not answer them on the wiki. Please email your answers to Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD" at ankursinha AT by May 22 2012. All the candidates' answers will be collected and put up together before the town halls.

Person Name (IRC nickname)

  • Mission Statement:
  • Past work summary:
  • Future plans:

Peter Jones (pjones)

  • Mission Statement: I'll continue to work to maintain a high level of technical feasibility and avoid micromanagement in decisions made by FESCo. I'll try to streamline our processes for developers, and to avoid processes that result in unnecessary work, or in duplication of effort. As I've shown in the past, I'll continue to try to guide our policy decisions to put the power and responsibility in developers hands rather than requiring FESCo's or other committee's intervention and participation at every level.

  • Past Work Summary: I've worked on Linux for Red Hat for more than a decade in various roles including technical support and engineering. I'm one of the anaconda maintainers as well as the maintainer of (thankfully now deprecated) mkinitrd, and am or have been maintainer Fedora's packages for booty, cdparanoia, dumpet, gnu-efi, grub, python-pyblock, syslinux, and others. I've worked on many levels of our software stack, including implementing installation and boot support for iSCSI, UEFI, dmraid, from the kernel all the way up through userspace. I'm currently a member of FESCo seeking re-election, and have been serving in this capacity since the winter election of 2009.

  • Future Plans: I'm currently focused on implementing and impoving UEFI support throughout Fedora, as well as supporting various storage technologies. As a FESCo member I'll continue to help ensure that developers have what they need to implement their features and bug fixes with as little hindrance as possible, and at the same time avoid unnecessary and wasted effort.

  • What will you be able to accomplish if elected, that you couldn't as an unelected coontributor? Why this post?: Being on FESCo presents a different kind of involvement than just being a contributor does. It's an opportunity to help set direction and get directly involved with broader decisions, and to ensure that Fedora is headed in the right direction on a technical level.

  • What can be done to get more features and make more progress? Have you participated in any features before?: I've participated in the "Feature" process as an end user, as a feature owner, as somebody working on features others own, as a FESCo member approving (or dis-approving) features, as an agent provocateur attempting to affect change in the process, and probably some other roles.

I think our biggest obstacles to more and better features are generally with the mechanisms we use to capture information from developers; we're heavy on demanding feedback, and light on doing so sensibly. In fact, the current feature process is still largely centered on "50000-foot" style progress reporting, with little room for nuance or understanding from whoever is receiving that feedback. It's a show, and it's discouraging to developers.

  • What do you think about spins? Do we still need them or will they become obsolete once we have a new anaconda with better package selection?: I think they're a neat idea, but right now there's not a lot of attention that's been paid to how they're implemented. We definitely need more people

looking at this.

  • Do you think the issues FESCo discusses and the decisions FESCo makes are effectively and efficiently communicated throughout the Fedora community? If you believe communication between FESCo and the Fedora community can be enhanced, what first steps or ideas would you propose? : FESCo makes an effort to assure that not just our decisions but also our deliberations and rationale are accessable to everyone inside and outside of Fedora, but at the same time, I think there's always room for improvement on things of this nature.

Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh)

  • Mission Statement: Make Fedora THE platform for rapidly developing the next generation of free, open-source software.
  • Past work summary: Red Hat employee since 2008, Lead developer of the System Security Services Daemon, participant in the FreeIPA project. Fedora Hosted admin maintaining ReviewBoard. FESCo member since June 2011
  • Future plans: Continue to drive Fedora to become the best platform for developing exciting new technologies for the desktop and datacenter.

John Dulaney (j_dulaney)

  • Mission statement: To promote Fedora in my role as an ambassador; to continue to develop test criteria for new features coming into Fedora and evolve the QA process as needed to fit with the evolution of Fedora. I will also strive to make sure that Fedora remains at the forefront of technology and to be the best Free distribution of Linux.
  • Past work summary I am a member of the Fedora Quality Assurance team. I help write test cases for new features, I am a proven tester (testing critical path software updates), I test new releases starting prior to branching, and I help establish release criteria. I am also a Fedora Ambassador, especially within the Fayetteville region. I spread knowledge of Linux in general and Fedora in particular and inform people that they do have a choice for Freedom.
  • Future plans: Strive to improve the testing of Fedora; both personally and collectively throughout the QA team, to continue to educate people on the advantages of Linux and Free Software, and to continue to test Fedora.

Kevin Fenzi (nirik)

  • Mission Statement: To make sure Fedora continues to lead the way.
  • Past work summary: Have been on FESCo a long time. Red Hat employee for 1 year. Currently head of Fedora Infrastructure. Active in many parts of Fedora to assist others and reduce roadblocks to getting things done and having fun.
  • Future plans: I'd like to make sure we have a smooth on-ramp for bringing ARM folks into the fold. I'll work on adding more Fun back into Fedora and see if we can streamline some of our processes.

Keiran Smith (Affix)

  • Mission Statement: Make fedora The distrobution of choice for aspiring developers and systems administrators
  • Past work summary: I am currently a Fedora Packager and Ambassador. I Maintain NginX[EPEL], Amarok[EPEL], ZNC, Nagios and more. Was also a member Zikula Insights Team and FES
  • Future plans: I would like to bring forward the effort to make fedora available on more platforms such as ARM and MIPSEL. I would like to see a world where fedora becomes the distro of choice, Where we can run fedora on a wide range of devices such as Routers, Phones, Televisions and alot more.

Tomáš Mráz (t8m)

  • Mission Statement: Keeping balance between contributors making changes and stability and usability of Fedora as a distribution.
  • Past work summary: I've been Red Hat employee and Fedora contributor for more than seven years working on packages related to security (PAM, OpenSSL, libgcrypt, GNUTLS, ...) in both Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I am one of the upstream maintainers of PAM. I was FESCo member for the past year.
  • Future plans: Fedora must not stagnate and that means substantial changes in the core packages are always happening however we need to keep balance between those disruptive changes and the usability of Fedora as an operating system of choice for software developers and server related work (experimental servers, special servers where the latest software versions are required etc.).

Bill Nottingham (notting)

  • Mission Statement: I plan to represent the Fedora community in FESCo with an eye towards maintaining the quality and standards of the Fedora distribution, including features, testing, stability, release engineering, and so on.
  • Past work summary: Red Hat employee since 1998, developer on Red Hat Linux since 5.1, Fedora contributor since its inception, FESCo member, Fedora board member, Release engineering team member, and assorted other roles.
  • Future plans: Continue to make Fedora the best freely available distribution anywhere. Work with those that show up to make changes, as, realistically, FESCo does not have a significant amount of resources to direct.

Josh Boyer (jwb)

  • Mission Statement: I plan on helping the Fedora developer community accomplish the tasks and goals it puts effort into, while maintaing a well-balanced process and governing body.
  • Past work summary: Linux user/developer since 2001. Fedora kernel team member. Fedora contributor long enough that I forgot when I started, former FESCo, Rel-Eng, and Board member.
  • Future plans: Work with community members to ensure Fedora is a rapidly evolving yet high quality distribution.