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The nomination period is CLOSED
The nomination period ended at 23:59:59 UTC on July 7, 2014.

The following special elections will take place in July 2014:

All dates and times noted are UTC time.

FESCo Special Elections July 2014

As per the FESCo election policy, the following finish their terms, and the seats are up for re-election:

More information at the FESCo wiki page.

For the last election, see NominationsJanuary2014

Eligible Voters
Voting eligibility is determined by a community member's Fedora Account System (FAS) memberships.

To vote for FESCo you must have cla_done + one other "non-cla" group in FAS.


Tomáš Hozza (thozza)


  • Mission Statement:
    • Ensure Fedora is well integrated distribution with contributions made easily.
  • Past work summary:
    • Maintainer and contributor to many networking and DNS(SEC) related software (BIND, unbound, dnsmasq, ...).
    • Red Hat employee since 2012.
    • Co-owner of the Fedora 22 default local DNS resolver feature.
  • Future plans:
    • Support the packaging, processes and testing automation.
      • I would like to integrate a new promising tool rebase-helper with Fedora upstream release monitoring to help with package rebases.
    • Ensure that Fedora is the leading distribution in enabling DNSSEC on client side.
    • Ensure no important changes are made silently without proper discussion.

Josh Boyer (jwboyer, jwb on IRC)


  • Mission Statement:
    • Ensure Fedora continues to be a place for high quality integration of leading edge technologies
  • Past work summary:
    • Fedora kernel maintainer, Fedora Board member, previous FESCo member, previous Fedora rel-eng participant
  • Future plans:
    • I like Fedora. I intend to make sure it's still relevant in the future.
    • Find some way to grow a FESCo candidate pool that actually outnumbers the available seats in an election
    • Avoid stagnation of the high level Fedora committees

Kalev Lember (kalev)


  • Mission Statement:
    • I like Fedora. I would like to ensure our 3 main products remain competitive and gain users and new contributors through that.
  • Past work summary:
    • Contributor to Fedora since 2009, provenpackager, packager sponsor.
    • Workstation WG member, have been dealing with a lot of Workstation-related package builds over past 2 years.
    • Upstream GNOME contributor, mostly working on GNOME Software these days.
  • Future plans:
    • Ensure Workstation releases are polished and work well enough for the casual user.
    • Increase Rawhide usability so that we could hopefully get more and more Fedora developers running that.
    • I will personally focus most on Workstation and 3 main products, but I also want to ensure KDE remains a release blocking spin and that other interested parties can continue producing alternative spins.

Lukáš Nykrýn (lnykryn)


  • Mission Statement:
    • Ensure that Fedora is the cutting-edge distribution.
  • Past work summary:
    • Initscripts and systemd maintainer
    • Red Hat employee since 2011
  • Future plans:
    • Make sure that new ideas are properly evaluated and if appropriate well integrated into distribution.
    • Strive to make core components of Fedora well integrated.
    • Push the container technologies.

David King (amigadave)


  • Mission Statement:
    • Ensure smooth communication between working groups and FESCo, enabling a successful
  • Past work summary:
    • GNOME developer for several years, maintaining several modules
    • Red Hat employee for just over a year, working on Fedora Workstation
    • I maintain some GNOME and MinGW packages in Fedora
  • Future plans:
    • Support the activities of Working Groups, especially Workstation
    • Clear out old FESCo tickets so that it is easier to focus on new ones
    • Outside of FESCo, I am interested in application sandboxing, as well as MinGW packaging and EasyTAG

User1 (user_1)


  • Mission Statement:
  • Past work summary:
  • Future plans: