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=== hamlib ===
''hamlib'' has been updated to version 1.2.10.  New capabilities include:
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* New models: IC-7200, PCR-1500, PCR-2500, RX-340, R&S ESMC, BC898T, Si570 AVR-USB, Paragon (skeleton)
[[Category:Draft documentation]]
* New rotator backend: SPID, GS-232 (not A or B)
[[Category:Documentation beats]]
* Fixes and features:
**TH-F7E, K2, FT-920, Yaesu NewCAT, IC-7000, IC-7800, IC-910, IC-718, IC-756PROIII, Tentec Orion, Jupiter, RX320, AOR-8000, PCR-1000, Video4Linux, all the kenwood backends, GS-232A
** ABI version in backend symbols
** expose PTT/DCD setup through rig_set_conf()
** Parallel port PTT now following cwdaemon (STROBE+INIT) interface
** bindings
** ltdl update
=== xastir ===
In addition a many bug fixes in ''xastir'' 1.9.6, shapes and terminology have been updated to conform to NIMS standard ICS usage.
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