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=== What's new for amateur radio operators ===
Fedora 11 includes a number of applications and libraries that are
of interest to amateur radio operators and electronic hobbyists.
Many of these applications are included in the Fedora Electronic
Lab spin.  For a complete list of amateur radio applications available within Fedora see [[ Applications_for_Amateur_Radio | Applications for amateur radio ]] on the wiki.
==== Sound card applications ====
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Fedora 11 includes version 3.10 of '''fldigi'''.  Changes from Fedora 10 include many enhancements to the waterfall and logging, along with dozens of minor changes to the user interface and bug fixes.  For a complete list of changes see the upstream project's site at
Version 1.9 of '''xfhell''' includes some improvements in handling the PTT line and additional flexibility in adjusting window sizes, as well as some bug fixes.  The project's site is at
==== Software Defined Radio ====
'''gnuradio''' has been updated to version 3.1.3.  This is largely a bugfix update.
==== Circuit Design and Simulation ====
The gEDA suite has been updated to 20081231.  This includes the packages '''geda-docs''', '''geda-examples''', '''geda-gattrib''', '''geda-gnetlist''', '''geda-gschem''', '''geda-gsymcheck''', '''geda-symbols''' and '''geda-utils'''.  These are all bugfix releases.  In addition, '''gerbv''', '''pcb''', and '''ngspice''' are released as part of the gEDA suite, but released separately.
'''gerbv''' 2.1.0 includes improvements to object selection, improved exporting, and more flexibility in dealing with drill files.  The complete release notes for this package can be found at
'''pcb''' has been updated to 20081128.  Included among the improvements is a new 'Ben mode' that exports a 'photograph' of the board as a .png file.  There are also some minor improvements in drill handling and a number of bug fixes.  The complete release notes for this version are available at
'''ngspice''' has been updated to version 18.  Changes include:
* Tclspice simulator library has been merged with ngspice. Now you can compile ngapice or tclspice by asserting a configure switch. See README.tcl
* New options have been introduced: brief, listing, autostop and scale
* Support for .lib file has been introduced. This allows the use of third party model libraries in ngspice.
* .measure statements: avg, integ, rms, max, min, delay, param
* .global statements t support for global nodes whose name is not expanded when flattening the netlist.
* .func macros for inlining functions into netlists.
* Improved the numparam library to support fully parametrized netlists.
* BSIM model binning.
* new multi-input gate VCVS using XSPICE extensions.
'''iverliog''' has been updated to 0.9.20081118.  This is largely a bugfix update.

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