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[[Category:Docs Project]]
== gqrx ==
gqrx has been updated to 2.3.2.  The large number of improvements over 2.2.0 include:
*  Support for setting analog bandwidth.
*  Support for setting gain stages individually.
*  Remember visibility status of main toolbar.
*  Restore the geometry of the main window between sessions.
*  Restore the state and placement of the dock windows.
*  Nuand BladeRF support.
*  RF Space SDR-IQ, SDR-IP and Netsdr support.
*  Airspy support.
*  Peak detection on the FFT plot.
*  Max hold on the FFT plot.
*  Audio streaming over UDP socket.
*  Remote control through TCP socket.
*  Set squelch level from current signal/noise level.
*  Command line option to list existing configurations.
*  I/Q recording and playback.
*  Incorrect handling of decimal values in LNB LO frequency.
*  Correctly apply initial LNB LO frequency.
*  Audio output device selection on Mac OS X.
*  Properly store settings when using Save As function.
*  Crash when recording audio with no rec directory set.
*  Only allow audio playback while DSP is running.
*  Ensure DSP is stopped when we exit.
*  Freeze when switching modes after audio recording.
*  Toggling “ignore limits” changes frequency.
*  Include gqrx.dekstop file.
*  Rename scope.svg to gqrx.svg to avoid confusion.
*  Gqrx can fit on small screens (900×600 pixels).
*  Better color gradient for the waterfall.
*  FFT presentation at high rates and high sizes.
*  Make release news available through the Help menu.
[[Category:Draft documentation]]
[[Category:Draft documentation]]
[[Category:Documentation beats]]
[[Category:Documentation beats]]

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