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==== gerbv ====
'''gerbv''' has been upgraded to 2.6.0 from 2.5.0.  Changes include:
* Greater accuracy
* Support for panelization
* A number of bugfixes
==== gtkwave ====
'''gtkwave''' ( has been upgraded from 3.3.25 to 3.3.31
==== kicad ====
'''kicad''' has been upgraded from 2011.07.12 to 2012.01.19.  The project's web sit is at
==== pcb ====
'''pcb''' has been updated from 0.20100929 to 0.20110918.  In addition to numerous bug fixes, the following list some of the significant changes:
* Internal coordinate space is now metric. This should fix the "trace nubs on metric grids" issue. Also, units are allowed on pretty much every "coordinate" that PCB accepts. Example: 5.4in, 10cm, 0.55mm.
* New configure option --enable-coord64 to force (slower?) 64-bit type for coordinates on 32-bit systems (if you need a board bigger than 1 meter across). The internal precision is 1 nanometer,
* New GTK layer view/choose widget and other GUI enhancements.
* GTK HID warns if the *.pcb file has changed on disk.
* Enhanced grid snapping logic.
* Select/report nets by name.
* Auto-pan has been removed.
* Zoom can zoom out beyond the edge of the board's workspace.
* Personally identifiable information is no longer stored in the PCB.
* Toggling vias from hole to plated is reversible.
* Gerber exporter has options for including outlines on other layers.
* Edited footprint files are saved as footprints, not pcbs.
* Autorouter has a progress dialog.
* PCB will no longer let you delete the last top/bottom layer.
* Via copper may overlap.
For additional details, including a list of bug fixes, refer to the NEWS page at
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