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Ben Cotton
Personal information
Pronouns: he/him/his
Location: Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Contact information
Ham Radio: kc9fyx​
GitHub: funnelfiasco

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: bcotton
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

Ben Cotton

Greetings! I'm Ben, author of Program Management for Open Source Projects and long-time Fedora contributor. What I do in Fedora is below. If you're interested in what I do the rest of the time, you can read Duck Alignment Academy or my personal blog.

Activities in Fedora


I am an maintainer or co-maintainer of

  • wordgrinder
  • latex2html

I also maintain Copr builds for


I occasionally contribute to QA activities, mostly by upgrading to the next release prior to the Beta release and enabling updates-testing. I also frequently vote on blockers/freeze exceptions.

Former activities

Community Blog

I was Editor in Chief of the Community Blog from 2019–2023.


My first foray into Fedora was joining the Docs team in 2009. I was volunteered to be the Docs project leader in November 2011. Mostly my contributions involve administrivia, easy bug fixes, and occasional chapters about printing. I sort of faded away from the docs project when life got in the way. I still pop in every once in a while to offer opinions and minor contributions.


I was one of the Fedora Magazine Editors from 2019-2021.

Fedora Program Manager

I was the Fedora Program Manager (FPgM) frpm June 2018 until I was laid off by Red Hat in May 2023. I wrangled the changes, managed the schedule, and generally helped herd the cats. As the FPgM, I often found myself jumping into many areas to help out when needed.