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= Database Servers =
{{admon/warning|You must do your own research on upgrading database packages.|Consult the release notes for the version of database you are upgrading to.  There may be actions you need to do for the upgrade to be successful.}}
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{{admon/tip|Maybe you know what should be on this page?|The Fedora release notes are a collective effort of dozens of people.  You can contribute by editing the wiki page that corresponds to this part of the release notes.}}
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This section has not been updated for Fedora {{Template:DocsDict/BeatsVer}} by the beat writer (  If you have some ideas or knowledge of what should be in this part of the release notes, you are encouraged to edit the wiki directly.  Read for more information, then get an account and start writing.
== MySQL ==
Fedora 10 includes MySQL 5.0.67-2. 
{{admon/warning|There are a number of changes from the version included in Fedora 9, including some incompatible changes.}}
The MySQL user is strongly encouraged to study the release notes for MySQL ( before upgrading his MySQL databases.
== Postgresql ==
Fedora 10 includes postgresql 8.3.4-1.
If you are migrating from Fedora 9, no special action should be required.  However, migration from versions of postgres prior to 8.3.1 may require special steps.  Be sure to check the Postgres release notes ( before performing the migration.

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