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== Cinnamon Spin ==
The Cinnamon desktop version 2.6 is now available as a Spin for Fedora 23. Cinnamon is a modern desktop environment based on the GNOME Shell, with advanced features and a traditional and flexible user experience.
Updates and improvements in this release include:
* Improved multi-monitor support
* HTML5 and XScreenSaver support for animated screensavers
* Panel management improvements
* New inhibit applet to hide notifications and temporarily suspend power saving events
* Redesigned system settings panel for improved usability
* Accessibility improvements, including better support for ATK/Orca, magnifiers, and and a new On-Screen Keyboard applet
See the [ Cinnamon official website] for more information on Cinnamon, and go to [] to download the Spin.
== Sugar ==
Originally started as part of the One Laptop per child initiative, Sugar is a desktop environment targeted for children ages 5 - 12 to provide learning and educational activities through rich media. Sugar is the core component of a worldwide effort to provide every child with the opportunity for a quality education.
This update to sugar 0.106 includes the following:
* improved performance
* updated activities
* New social help for access to discussion forums and collaborative learning
See the [ SugarLabs release notes] for more information on this sugar release.
== GNOME / Workstation ==
Fedora 23 will feature the latest available version of Gnome - 3.18. More information on Gnome 3.18 can be found here:
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