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= Perl =
== Perl updated to 5.16 ==
Perl 5.16 introduces a number of significant changes:
=== New Features ===
* Unicode 6.1
* More consistent ''eval'' controlled with ''unicode_eval'' and ''evalbytes'' feature
* 2- and 3-argument ''substr'' called in left-value context is evaluted even after changing original string
* New ''T_*REF_REFCOUNT_FIXED'' XS typemap fixing reference counter decremetion
* New ''is_utf8_char_buf'' XS-callable function replaces broken ''is_utf8_char'' function
* ''$$'' variable is writable
* Improved debugger: tracing mode can be restricted to certain level, breakpoints can be disabled temporarily, breakpoints can be set by file name
* ''sort'' subroutines can be autoloaded
* ''$['' variable is provided by ''arybase'' module
* mmaped PerlIO layer is now a separate module ''PerlIO::mmap''
=== Deprecated Features ===
* Accessing Unicode database files directly is deprecated now; use ''Unicode::UCD'' instead
* ''Version::Requirements'' is deprecated in favor of ''CPAN::Meta::Requirements''
=== Incompatible Changes ===
* Special blocks (e.g. ''BEGIN'') are called in void context
* Unoverloaded stringification of regular expression does not return the expression literal
* ''T_DATAUNIT'' and ''T_CALLBACK'' XS typemaps removed
* User defined case-changing has been removed in favor of ''Unicode::Casing''
* XSUB C functions are static now and they are not exported from their object files
* Read-only references cannot be weaken
* ''$$'',  ''$<'', ''$>'', ''$('', and ''$)'' do not cache their value
* ''Devel::DProf'', ''Shell'' have been removed from Perl core
* perl4 libraries removed:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lib/find{,depth}.pl,,,,,,,,,,
= Python updated to 3.3 =
The system Python 3 stack has been upgraded to 3.3 (the system Python 2 stack remains at 2.7), bringing in hundreds of fixes and tweaks; for a list of changes see
= Clojure joined by leiningen and tools =
Fedora 18 now ships a more complete Clojure programming stack, including the build tool Leiningen. This will make it easier to package other Clojure libraries in the future.
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