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Perl in Fedora 20 has been updated to version 5.18, with a number of notable changes:
Perl in Fedora 20 has been updated to version 5.18, with a number of notable changes:

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Perl in Fedora 20 has been updated to version 5.18, with a number of notable changes:

  • New features:
    • Unicode 6.2 is supported.
    • Matching Unicode properties is faster now.
    • Operators next, last, redo, and dump supports labels computed at run-time.
    • The kill function allows to send a signal to a process group by symbolic name.
    • Experimental support for lexical subroutines has been added.
    • Config::Perl::V module to access perl -V data in structured way has been added into core modules.
    • DTrace/SystemTap provides new probes op-entry, loading-file, and loaded-file.
  • Changes:
    • Hashes are randomized by default now. That means the order in which keys and values are returned from a hash changes on each perl run. One can disable the randomization by setting PERL_PERTURB_KEYS environment variable to 0.
    • qw() operator does not imply surrounding parentheses any more.
    • Unknown character names specified using \N{} syntax are processed at compile time and trigger a syntax error now.
    • Vertical tab is considered as a white space now.
    • Values stored into environment variables are byte strings by default.
    • readline function on I/O reads given number of characters instead of bytes now.
    • Here-document delimited with quoted marker starts always on line following the marker now.
    • Alpha-numeric operators must always be separated from a regular expression delimiter now.
    • Smart-match and lexical $_ became experimental because they proved being problematic.
    • Swapping $< and $> variables can cause undesired effects. Localizing changed variable is recommended.
  • Removed features:
    • PL_sv_objcount XS variable is deprecated.
    • All character classifying XS functions are deprecated.
    • to_uni_lower_lc, to_uni_title_lc, and to_uni_upper_lc XS functions are deprecated.

Perl developers should read and for a more comprehensive description of this release.


python-setuptools updated

The version of the python-setuptools package has been updated to the 0.9.x series. This release series merges the setuptools and distribute upstream projects which has introduced a variety of changes to the API and behaviour.

Because this change is mostly compatible with the previous version, it should not impair any Python packages in the Fedora. If you are writing or deploying other Python software you suspect may be affected, please see for more details.