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== avrdude ==
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''avrdude'' has been updated from 5.8 to 5.10.  The new release includes support for additional part numbers as well as a number of additional programmers.
Additional information:
* 5.9 changes -
* 5.10 changes -
== piklab ==
''piklab'' has been updated to version 0.15.7.
Major changes include:
* Support for PICkit2V2 has been removed
* ICD2 support has been greatly improved, including support for dsPIC33 devices
* Toolchain and programmer selection have been moved to the project manager
and much more.
For complete details, refer to the Piklab change log at
== mcu8051ide ==
''mcu8051ide'' has been upgraded to version 1.3.3.  In addition to bugfixes, this release includes the following new features:
* RS232/UART debugger, tool intended for debugging in real hardware applications
* Symbol list (added on the right panel)
* Assembler has now support for assigning register names to constants. So since this version you can write code like this:
      MOV  ABC, #55h  ; <- This will be compiled as "MOV R0, #55h
==== gnusim8085 ====
Fedora 13 includes ''gnusim8085'' version 1.3.6.  This new release is now internationalized, and includes a number of usability improvements and new features.  For a complete description, refer to the announcement at
==== gsim85 ====
An 8085 microprocessor simulator
  Old Version: 0.2 -> New Version: 0.3
Project site: (
bugfixes only
==== avarice ====
Program for interfacing the Atmel JTAG ICE to GDB
  Old Version: 2.6 -> New Version: 2.10
Project site: (
minor bugfixes
==== avr-binutils ====
''avr-binutils'' has been updated to 2.20.  There are a number of new features as well as bug fixes.  Refer to the project's NEWS file for details at
==== avr-gcc ====
''avr-gcc'' has been updated to 4.5.0, along with ''avr-gcc-c++''.  Refer to  for the details of this upgrade.
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