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== ckermit ==
New to Fedora 16 is '''ckermit''', an updated implementation of the venerable Kermit file transfer program.  The Kermit protocol is available on almost all architectures, so may well be the file transfer mechanism of choice when dealing with a less capable platform.  The project's websit is [].
== hotot ==
'''hotot''' is a lightweight microblogging client.  It supports the native notification systems of both KDE and GNOME. The project's website is at [].
== ike ==
'''ike''' is a free IPSEC VPN client can be used to communicate with Open Source IPSEC VPN servers as well as some commercial IPSEC VPN servers.  Version 2.1.7 is included in Fedora 16.  [].
== qodem ==
'''qodem''' is an open-source re-implementation of the DOS-era Qmodem serial communications package, updated for modern systems. [].
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