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== Firefox ==
The Fedora Project provides the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, the world-favorite web browser.  The powerful and extensible browser is kept up to date to keep your web surfing secure and smooth.
== Thunderbird ==
The Thunderbird email client now includes the *Lightning* calendar and scheduling extension by default. Use it for todo lists, emailed invitations, and more.  For full details on changes in Mozilla Thunderbird, read the project's notes at
== Libre Office ==
The Fedora Project provides Libre Office version 5, the latest mayor release of the default office suite. Some of the features of this release are:
* Now it is possible to crop an image with the mouse.
* Data bars in rows with conditional formatting in Calc.
* Improvements in .doc, .rtf, .xlsx, and xml formats.
See the release notes for a compresive list of all new features at:
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