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= Apache  =
'''httpd''' was updated from 2.2.16 to 2.2.17. This version includes '''mod'''  fixes and '''core''' fixes and changes.
== Core fixes and changes ==
* (re)-introduce -T commandline option to suppress documentroot check at startup.
* check symlink ownership if both FollowSymlinks and SymlinksIfOwnerMatch are set.
* fix origin checking in SymlinksIfOwnerMatch.
= Drupal renamed to Drupal6 =
Starting with Fedora 15, the drupal package and all module packages have been renamed from drupal* to drupal6*.  In addition, all filesystem locations will reflect this change.  Simply copying your old content to the new locations should work, as the versions should be the same. 
This change was made to facilitate easier maintenance of parallel drupal versions across Fedora/EPEL releases with the release of drupal7.

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