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Env and Stacks WG/Tasklist

This document track status of projects developer or co-operated.

Area Feature Fedora Change Aim Blockers Comment What do to Owner
testing additional repositories Playground repo [1] F-22 obs-signd,

tests for automatic inclusion into repo (Taskotron),

stats of downloads

Playground plugin is similar to Copr plugin [2] mmaslano
automation Automated packages review tools [3] F-22 ? design of the whole thing, only parts are ready pingou
automation Taskotron F-22 ? development plan tflink
Build Systems Copr upstream F21 msuchy
Software Collections in Fedora SCL [4] F-21? FPC ticket upstream location of SCLs mmaslano
DevAssistant [5] bkabrda
Continuous Integration prototype of few projects koschei