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This page is for tracking progress on the packaging of (primarily Java-based) dependencies for Eucalyptus 3.x. This project will have some overlap with JBossAS7. Other required Java packages include:

  • Axiom
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Mule

The majority of other required packages are either already part of Fedora or are transitive dependencies of the above dependencies. These packages require large parts of jboss, geronimo, and springframework, among other things.

SPEC and SRPM files up for review will live under

Note: this page is focused on java dependencies, but for completeness, there are two other necessary packages which Eucalyptus currently maintains but should submit to Fedora:

  • axis2c (and axis2c-devel)
  • rampartc (and rampartc-devel)

Packaging Progress

These are the packages still in progress which are necessary for the Eucalyptus build:

# Package Version POM Review request Packager Status Comments
1 wss4j 1.5.12 RHBZ #787738 arg Approved
2 aspectjweaver 1.6.12 RHBZ #790519 arg In Rawhide Indirect dep: Blocks spring
3 ha-jdbc 2.0.16 RHBZ #790256 arg Approved Direct dep
4 hamcrest12 1.2 RHBZ #790258 arg In Rawhide Direct dep; also blocks ehcache-core
5 hessian 4.0.7 RHBZ #790551 arg In Rawhide Indirect dep: blocks Spring
6 axiom 1.2.12 RHBZ #791053 arg Awaiting Review Direct dep; also blocks axis2
7 neethi 3.0.1 RHBZ #794941 arg Awaiting Review Indirect dep: blocks axis2
8 XmlSchema 1.4.7 RHBZ #794946 arg Awaiting Review Indirect dep: blocks axis2
9 axis2 arg Blocked blocked by neethi, woden, XmlSchema
10 annogen 0.1.0 RHBZ #790990 arg Awaiting Review Indirect dep: blocks axis2
11 woden 1.0M9 RHBZ #795566 arg Blocked Indirect dep: blocks axis2; blocked by axiom, XmlSchema
12 jboss-connector (replaces geronimo-j2ee-connector) arg In JBoss clean-up queue Direct dep, see Jboss queue
13 jamonapi 2.73 RHBZ #791222 arg Reviewed, needs SCM request Indirect dep: blocks Spring
14 ognl 3.0.4 RHBZ #794715 arg Awaiting Review Indirect dep: blocks mule
15 jexcelapi 2.6.12 RHBZ #791312 arg In Review Indirect dep: blocks Spring
16 mule 2.0.2 arg Clean-up Required Direct dep
17 springframework 3.1.0 arg Clean-up Required Direct dep; also blocks mule
18 hibernate-validator 4.2.0 RHBZ #767050 arg Blocked Direct dep; also blocks ehcache, hibernate, gwt, ...
19 hibernate-orm arg Clean-up Required Direct dep; also blocks ehcache
20 ehcache-core arg Clean-up Required Direct dep
21 xml-maven-plugin RHBZ #782250 ke4qqq In Rawhide Indirect dep; blocks ehcache-core
22 netty3.1 3.1.5 RHBZ #795492 arg Awaiting Review Direct dep
23 stax-utils 20110309 RHBZ #794923 arg In Review Indirect dep; blocks spring
24 gwt 2.4.0 arg Clean-up Required Direct dep, blocked by hibernate-validator
25 geronimo-commonj arg Clean-up Required Indirect dep; blocks spring
26 jsf implementation - TBD arg Need Info Indirect dep; blocks spring-web
27 axis2c 1.6.0 RHBZ #735225 gholms In Rawhide
28 rampartc gholms Awaiting Review

The above dependencies should be enough the complete most of the required spring modules, including:

  • spring-beans
  • spring-context
  • spring-context-support

I have *not* determined the full list of dependencies required for spring-web, nor the transitive dependencies for myfaces-core. From the pom, it appears spring-web will need:

  • javax.portlet:portlet-api
  • axis2-saaj-api (but I suspect this is optional)

Optional dependencies and sub-dependencies

ActiveMQ and JasperReports are only necessary for reporting, which, while it's a nice new feature of Eucalyptus 3, can easily be omitted from the build.

Infinispan dependencies

  • rhq

ActiveMQ 5 dependencies:

  • easymock-classextension
  • spring 2
  • apacheds
  • etc. (I am unsure of the full dep chain at this time

JasperReports dependencies:

  • barcode4j
  • eigenbase-properties (for mondrian)
  • eigenbase-resgen (for mondrian)
  • jexcelapi
  • olap4j (for mondrian)
  • TODO: mondrian
  • TODO: commons-javaflow
  • TODO: png-encoder
  • TODO: barbecue
  • TODO: jdt-compiler (is this already in as part of eclipse??)
  • TODO: hibernate