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This page is for tracking progress on the packaging Eucalyptus 3.x in Fedora. We've been tracking this for three releases now, and the dependency packaging is mostly complete, except for Google Web Toolkit, which we can omit for now. Therefore, it's more useful for the top of this page to summarize the _other_ changes needed to make Eucalyptus build and run on Fedora 18.

Remaining tasks

Polish systemd units for eucalyptus services

There are three init scripts in eucalyptus:

  • eucalyptus-cloud - starts a java service, which may be a Cloud Controller, Walrus, or Storage Controller
  • eucalyptus-cc - starts a Cluster Controller (CC), which is a custom httpd instance with wso2-axis2 configured
  • eucalyptus-nc - starts a Node Controller (NC), which is a custom httpd instance with wso2-axis2 configured

In Fedora 18, we provide systemd units which simple execute the old init scripts, which have been moved to /usr/libexec/eucalyptus. Ideally, the old init scripts should go away completely.

Create SELinux contexts/policies

Eucalyptus must run in permissive mode in Fedora 18. We need to work on policy that will allow it to run in enforcing mode.

Make Axis2/Java 1.6 work for code generation

The C code generated by Axis2/Java 1.6.0 does not work with Eucalyptus's currently defined handlers. Currently, one must use an [Axis2/Java 1.4 package] to build a tarball of generated code for inclusion in the eucalyptus package.

Fix the reporting module

There is a build issue in the reporting module due to the use of Guava 9 in the upstream Eucalyptus build. For now, the module has been disabled.

Enable the admin console

The admin console is based on GWT, which is not yet in Fedora. It may not be worth the time to build it, though, as Eucalyptus intends to phase out the GWT-based UI.

Packaging Progress

These are the packages still in progress which are necessary for the Eucalyptus build:

# Package Version POM Review request Packager Status Comments
27 gwt 2.4.0 arg Clean-up Required Required for admin console
36 josql 2.2 RHBZ #822832 gil Awaiting Review ActiveMQ deps
47 mqtt-client 1.3 RHBZ #853055 gil Awaiting Review ActiveMQ deps
48 groovy-gram 1.2 RHBZ #846561 gil Awaiting Review ActiveMQ deps
49 pax-logging 1.6.9 RHBZ #849469 gil In Rawhide ActiveMQ deps
50 sitemesh 2.4.2 RHBZ #853439 gil Awaiting Review ActiveMQ deps
51 apache-commons-primitives 1.1 RHBZ #832803 gil Awaiting Review ActiveMQ deps
52 felix-fileinstall 3.2.0 RHBZ #855192 gil Awaiting Review Apache Karaf deps
53 felix-webconsole 4.0.0 RHBZ #855193 gil Awaiting Review Apache Karaf deps
54 hawtbuf 1.9 RHBZ #853050 gil In Rawhide mqtt-client deps
55 hawtdispatch 1.11 RHBZ #853052 gil Awaiting Review mqtt-client deps
56 oscache 2.4.1 RHBZ #849470 gil Awaiting Review Hibernate 3.x deps (module of the same name)
57 swarmcache 1.0 RHBZ #849471 gil Awaiting Review Hibernate 3.x deps (module of the same name)
58 activemq 5.6.0 RHBZ #857193 madsa Awaiting Review
59 classmate 0.5.4 RHBZ #815060 gil In Rawhide An Hibernate 4.x dependency. module hibernate-core
60 karaf 2.2.5 RHBZ #875692 gil Awaiting Review ActiveMQ deps

Optional dependencies and sub-dependencies

ActiveMQ and JasperReports are only necessary for reporting, which, while it's a nice new feature of Eucalyptus 3, can easily be omitted from the build.

Infinispan (In rawhide) dependencies

  • rhq

ActiveMQ 5.6.0 dependencies:

  • activesoap jaxp-api (replace with glassfish-jaxb-api)
  • annogen
  • apache-commons-primitives
  • apacheds
  • TODO camel 2.9.2 or major, (required modules: camel-core, camel-jetty, camel-jms, camel-spring)
  • TODO easymock-classextension
  • gentlyweb-utils
  • groovy-gram
  • TODO jrms
  • mqtt-client
  • karaf 2.2.0 or major, (module
  • TODO fuse-extra (module fusemq-leveldb)
  • TODO pax-exam 1.x
  • pax-logging
  • sitemesh 2.4.2
  • spring 3.0.6.RELEASE
  • gemini-blueprint see (spring-osgi). RHBZ #866239
  • TODO spring-ws 1.5.10 (module spring-oxm-tiger, depend on castor codegen anttask modules see RHBZ #820676)
  • xbean 3.9 or major: maven-xbean-plugin, TODO xbean-blueprint (see RHBZ #849955) and xbean-spring modules
  • etc. (I am unsure of the full dep chain at this time

JasperReports dependencies:

  • castor (TODO: castor-xml modules see RHBZ #820676)
  • barcode4j
  • eigenbase-properties (for mondrian)
  • eigenbase-resgen (for mondrian)
  • jexcelapi
  • olap4j (for mondrian)
  • TODO: mondrian
  • apache-commons-javaflow
  • TODO: png-encoder
  • TODO: barbecue
  • TODO: jdt-compiler (is this already in as part of eclipse?? ecj >= 1:3.4.2-13)
  • hibernate 3.x