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{{admon/warning|This is a work in progress.| This is a stub page started during the [[Marketing FAD 2010]] - it is not done! It will be completed for the [[Red Hat Summit 2010]] after the F13 release date.}}
This is the page for [[press kits]] that have been created for the F13 release.
== [[Red Hat Summit 2010]] ==
During the [[Marketing FAD 2010]] we explored how the need of a press kit will shape into reality. One goal was to produce a document easy to update and with the lowest work burden. Having modules allow us to update what it is needed, re-shape it for special needs, and also add or remove modules as required.
The F13 press kit for the Summit consists of
Below are sections that we're writing for the (new! modular!) press kit.
* [[Python in Fedora 13]] -- an in-depth feature profile more than a press kit module, right now.
* [[F13 one page release notes]]
* [[Statistics for Fedora 13]]
* [[F13 feature profiles]] remixed into a 2-page, doublesided black-and-white sheet (in progress, [[User:Mchua|Mel Chua]] 17:59, 2 June 2010 (UTC))
* [[Fedora_Insight/Fedora_InsightPR|Fedora Insight PR]] (WIP, Draft)
* a press contact page (in progress, [[User:Mchua|Mel Chua]] 17:59, 2 June 2010 (UTC))
* [ Security Spin]
* [ Design Suite]
* [[Marketing/About_F13 |About Fedora 13]] - Owner [[User:Yn1v | Neville A. Cross]]
At first I guess that About F13 may be more like features. But lately I ponder the idea of having a module for features (resembling [[Fedora_13_Talking_Points]] ) and other with the history behind F13. --[[User:Yn1v|Yn1v]] 17:31, 3 April 2010 (UTC)
Probably we need a short module on how to use a liveUSB.
We need to develop a easy to read text for each module, better if some pictures related can be added.
The first print will be needed for [[Red_Hat_Summit_2010 | Red Hat Summit 2010]] that will be held on June, 22th to 25th. Material need to be send to print earlier.
One person taking care of editing, consulting and asking for stuff for each module will be the best way to go.
Further notes on who was assigned to what during the FAD:
* "About F13" blurb (Neville)
* 4 F's (Robyn)
* Pymodule (Max)
* Stats (Mel)
** maybe also take a look at [ torrent stats ] --[[User:Wonderer|wonderer]] 21:30, 2 May 2010 (UTC)
* Background of fedora (Ryan and Ben)
* Design spin (David)
* Security spin (Henrik )
* USB key stuff (Russell)
[[Category:Press kit]]
[[Category:Press kit]]

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This is the page for press kits that have been created for the F13 release.

Red Hat Summit 2010

The F13 press kit for the Summit consists of