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This page an F14 Placeholder.
To see when this page will be completed, please refer to the F14 Marketing Schedule.

This page is the home of the Feature profiles for the F14 release. For more information on what feature profiles are or how this deliverable was created, see Feature profiles SOP.

Add links to printable versions of these profiles here as well.


Feature Owner Reference page Notes
Feature Name Your Name here Nice description here.
Fedora Mobility Jared Smith We're going to describe the Fedora Mobility spin!
Fedora 14 on EC2 Robyn Bergeron Talking about EC2 and the future of the fedora Cloud SIG.
RHEL "customer testimonial" Paul Frields Red Hat VP of Linux Engineering Tim Burke describes how Red Hat's contributions to Fedora form a mutually beneficial symbiosis
Debugging features Paul Frields Performance tools engineer Will Cohen describes new memory debugging tools and debugger enhancements in Fedora 14