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<gallery perrow="4">
<gallery perrow="4">
Image:DANDELION.JPG | Dandelion by [[User:bierre2000 | Pierre VERNAY]] CC-BY-SA 3.0 '''Dandelion from France, in a summer time'''
Image:Wallpaper-mizmo-sheep.jpg | Sheep by [[User:duffy | Máirin Duffy]] CC-BY-SA 3.0 '''Irish sheep'''
Image:Wallpaper-mizmo-sheep.jpg | Sheep by [[User:duffy | Máirin Duffy]] CC-BY-SA 3.0 '''Irish sheep'''
Image:Wallpaper-j5-sunflower.jpg | Sunflower by [[User:johnp | John (J5) Palmieri]] CC-BY-SA 3.0 '''Macro lens closeup of a sunflower I took in France.''' (May need slight color correction)
Image:_moon_at_dusk_.jpg |  Moon at dusk by Corey Welton  (  CC-BY-SA 3.0;  '''Dusk photo of the moon - Topsail Island, NC, US'''
Image:_uk_seed_cathedral_.jpg | UK Seed Cathedral by Corey Welton  (  CC-BY-SA 3.0  '''Closeup of rod on the UK's "Seed Cathedral" Exhibit at the 2010 World Expo - Shanghai, China'''
Image:_beijing_red_flower_.jpg |  Beijing Purple Flower by Corey Welton ( CC-BY-SA 3.0  '''Closeup of a purple flower in Olympic Park - Beijing, China'''
Image:_shanghai_red_flower_.jpg |  Shanghai Red Flower by Corey Welton (  CC-BY-SA  '''Closeup of a red flower in The Bund - Shanghai, China'''
Image:lake_susmit.JPG |  Lake by [[user:susmit | susmit]]  CC-BY-SA  '''Horsetooth reservoir - Fort Collins, USA'''
Image:sunset_susmit.JPG |  Sunset by [[user:susmit | susmit]]  CC-BY-SA  '''Sunset'''
Image:road_susmit.JPG |  Road by [[user:susmit | susmit]]  CC-BY-SA  '''Road'''
Image:kyoto_station_west_1.jpg | Kyoto Station West 1 by [[User:orangejello | Arlinton Bourne]]; CC-BY-SA; '''Inside of the JR West Kyoto Station Building in Shimogyou-ku Kyoto'''
Image:kyoto_station_west_2.jpg | Kyoto Station West 2 by [[User:orangejello | Arlinton Bourne]]; CC-BY-SA; '''Inside of the JR West Kyoto Station Building in Shimogyou-ku Kyoto'''
Image:little_dragon.jpg | Little Dragon by [[User:orangejello | Arlinton Bourne]]; CC-BY-SA; '''Shots around Hanazonoteranomaecho in Shimogyou-ku Kyoto'''
Image:the_roof.jpg | The Roof by [[User:orangejello | Arlinton Bourne]]; CC-BY-SA;'''Shots around Hanazonoteranomaecho in Shimogyou-ku Kyoto'''
Image:belltower.jpg | The Bell Tower by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Cambridge'''
Image:firehouse.jpg | Taylor Square Fire House by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Cambridge'''
Image:firehouse2.jpg | Taylor Square Fire House in Snow by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Cambridge'''
Image:firehouse3.jpg | Taylor Square Fire House in Snow by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Cambridge'''
Image:cornice.jpg | Cornice with Icecycles by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Cambridge'''
Image:icecycles.jpg | Icecycles by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Cambridge'''
Image:escalator.jpg | Escalator by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Cambridge'''
Image:citgo.jpg | Citgo in the Pouring Rain by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Cambridge'''
Image:longfellow.jpg | Longfellow by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Cambridge'''
Image:flowerbee.jpg | Bee on Flower by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Raleigh'''
Image:stump.jpg | Stump by [[User:pjones | Peter Jones]] CC-BY-SA '''Providence'''
Image:snowedin.jpg | Snowed In by [[User:rrix | Ryan Rix]] CC-BY-SA '''Cactus in Jerome, Arizona'''
Image:viasoleri.jpg | Via Soleri by [[User:rrix | Ryan Rix]] CC-BY-SA '''Perspective shot of Via Soleri, plaza in Scottsdale Arizona, designed by Paolo Soleri'''
Image:viasoleri2.png | Sculptures at Via Soleri by [[User:rrix | Ryan Rix]] CC-BY-SA '''Close up of Sculptures at Via Soleri, plaza in Scottsdale Arizona, designed by Paolo Soleri'''
Image:barrel cactus.jpg | Cactus by [[User:rrix | Ryan Rix]] CC-BY-SA '''Close up of a [ Barrel Cactus] shot in Phoenix, AZ'''
Image:SunsetAtKadaru.JPG | Sunset At Kadaru by [[User:himam | Hisham Isam]]  (CC BY-SA 3.0)  '''Sunset at Kadaru area in Khartoum, Sudan'''
Image:ByTheRiverNile.JPG | River Nile view by [[User:himam | Hisham Isam]]  (CC BY-SA 3.0)  '''Photo shot of the River Nile near Abaa Island in Sudan'''
Image:Wild_Fox.jpg | Wild Red Fox by Sarah Plieschke, Uploaded by [[User:Heffer | Felix Kaechele]] CC-BY-SA '''Bobcaygeon, ON, Canada'''
Image:butterfly2.jpg.jpg | butterfly2 by [[User:elad | Elad Alfassa]] (; CC-BY-SA; '''A butterfly on a flower'''

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Artwork ArtTeamProjects WikiDesign ArtTeamN1.png

The supplemental wallpaper submission period is open! We will be accepting wallpapers until August 9th 2011 at 23:59 UTC, so please, get your wallpaper submissions in! :)

Supplemental wallpapers are the non-default wallpapers provided with Fedora. Usually Fedora ships GNOME upstream supplemental wallpapers. We are going to collect a set of community-submitted wallpapers for Fedora 16. Still not sure what a supplemental wallpaper is? Look below at the wallpaper selection UI below - what appears in this dialog but is *Not* the default wallpaper is a 'supplemental' wallpaper.


You can use this script written by rigeld2 to upload your submissions. Usage instructions (Note: requires package python-mechanize to be installed) (Note: this script hasn't been updated yet for Fedora 16 needs).

Some Guidelines

All submissions or contributions:

  • Must be covered by the Contributor License Agreement. We cannot accept contributions from individuals who have not signed the CLA in the Fedora Account System. The CLA allows us to properly license artwork submissions for distribution with Fedora and other Fedora projects.
  • Must not contain material that violates or infringes another's rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights, or that constitutes copyright infringement. If your submissions include or derive from artwork created by other people, please make sure the license of the original work you incorporate is compatible with Fedora and that you are not violating any of the provisions of its license. Just because a work is licensed with a Creative Commons license does not mean it is free to use (make sure you provide attribution to artists that license their work with a CC Attribution clause.)
  • Should have the consent and approval of the author or creator
  • Are thereby licensed to the public for reuse under CC-BY-SA unless specifically identified as being licensed by another approved liberal open source license. See a list of approved licenses for Fedora.

Subject matter:

  • Must not contain brand names or trademarks of any kind
  • Must not contain material that is inappropriate, offensive, indecent, obscene, hateful, tortuous, defamatory, slanderous or libelous
    • No sexually explicit or provocative subject matter
    • No images of weapons or violent imagery
    • No alcohol, smoking, or drug use imagery
  • Must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age
  • Must not contain material that is unlawful, in violation of or contrary to the laws or regulations in the jurisdiction where the work is created
  • No religious, political, or nationalist imagery (including flags)
  • No images of hats, particularly fedoras. (This is a matter of respect for our primary sponsor, Red Hat, Inc., and is not negotiable. Of course, passive appearance of hats, such as those upon heads in a crowd, may be allowed.)
  • No version numbers. End users might prefer to continue to use an older theme, or use the latest theme in their older version of Fedora. To enable that choice, do not use any version numbers within the Fedora artwork.
  • No text. Text should not be used in the backgrounds because the artwork is intended for a global audience and to be reused by derivative distributions.
  • Should not contain images of people (contemporary, historical, or fictional)
  • Should not contain images of pets, or captive or mistreated animals

Technical requirements:

  • Must use a format that can be read by software available in Fedora Package Collection. Preferred image formats include SVG and PNG. Master files, which may be further edited, should be maintained in non-lossy formats. Preserving vector graphics, raster layers, and channels is important for such materials.
  • Originals for landscape formats must be a minimum of 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high. The larger the better. Photographic submissions should be made at the highest resolution the camera is capable of.
  • Should be provided in a 16 x 9 aspect ratio when possible.
  • No watermarks, signatures, photographer/creator names, or messages may be included in any part of the work. However if the license allows, and the photo is compelling enough, we could remove watermarks.


  • Should strive for subtlety and poetry
  • Avoid high frequency images (
    • A soft focus is one way to achieve this
  • As the name suggests, visually, it should settle into the "background" of the activity scene.
  • Fewer details on left side allows for good readability for primary icons on the desktop.
    • Keep in mind that many users have icons covering the entire desktop view.
  • Do not compete for the user's attention

Specific guidelines.

The following adjectives should be used to select an appropriate design:

  • Fresh
  • Light
  • Calm
  • Clean
  • Modern
  • Harmonious
  • Unfettered
  • Elegant
  • Graceful
  • Hopeful
  • Delightful
  • Nature
  • Landscapes
  • Cosmos
  • Scenes
  • (Region/country specific content)


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