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| [[User:Dearova|Denny Nugraha]] || M || ||  ||no Ambassador
| [[User:Dearova|Denny Nugraha]] || M || ||  ||no Ambassador
| [[User:kalpurush|Moniruzzaman Monir]] || XL || || Bangladesh ||

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We try to supply all Fedora Ambassadorfrom APAC region with the same polo shirts as EMEA region Ambassadors have. That will help us on events being recognized as Fedora Ambassadors.

Sizes Request

Please add your T-Shirt size as soon as possible, since we need to produce it immediately.!
Name Asian Size Western Size Residence Country Comment
Truong Anh Tuan L L Vietnam I have the same size in both cases
Nguyen Nang Thang XL Vietnam
Sarup Banskota M India
Alick Zhao L M China
Zamir SUN L China
Somvannda Kong XXL Cambodia
Yan Naing Myint L Myanmar
Nitesh Narayan Lal M India
Prima Yogi Loviniltra M
Dicky Martin Pramanta M
Tommy Surbakti XL
Michel Alexandre Salim M
Eko Prawiro Wijoyo Ikhyar M
Kushal Das XL
Siddhesh XL
Pravin Satpute L
Ratnadeep Debnath L
Ban Botrey Nisa S
Cheng-Chia Tseng XL Taiwan
Gui-Xin Chen L Taiwan
Rahul Mahale L no Ambassador
Danishka Navin M Sri Lanka
Denny Nugraha M no Ambassador
Moniruzzaman Monir XL Bangladesh