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The primary goal of this meeting is to analyze the different alternatives that are in Argentina for the realization of FUDCon 2014.

The ambassadors of the various provinces have made previous activities in every possible city, considering costs and infrastructure.

In the framework of FAD, these activities will be reviewed in detail and as a result we get the proposal to FUDCon. Furthermore, our intention to create a mentorship program so that new contributors can have their progress assisted by other experienced volunteers.


  • Proposal FUDCon Argentina 2014.
  • Make calendar for upcoming meetings and events 2014.
  • Have new contributors properly enabled to collaborate, i.e with functional FAS accounts, personal wiki pages and enrolled with the sub projects.
  • Find adopters for orphan packages in FAD.
  • Results and Conclusion of FAD Rosario 2014.

Organization Team

Date and Location

//falta decidir bien la fecha!

Date & Time


Rosario, Santa Fe (Argentina)



Time Title
10:00 Arrival and self introduction.
11:00 How to contribute to Fedora: A presentation about the several ways to contribute to Fedora Project.
12:00 Lunch Interval.
14:00 Fedora Meeting.

Fedora Meeting EDT

ID Activities Responsible
1 Show Proposals all the people!
1.1 Proposal fudCON Rosario Ezequiel
1.2 Proposal fudCON Buenos Aires Rondan Rino
1.3 Proposal fudCON Córdoba Maceira Matias
2 Analysis of Alternatives
2.1 Pros and Cons of each proposal
3 Choose Proposal: FUDCon bid process
4 Introducing New Project for Fedora: PITS
5 ICARO Project: add packagers and developers
5.1 Videoconferencing with Echeverría Eduardo
6 Make calendar for upcoming meetings and events 2014

Who can participate in this FAD?

# Participant City Core Task Confirmed?
1 Maceira Matias. Córdoba Fedora Ambassador, Maillist Admin, Infraestructure Yes
2 Fontanesi Laura. Córdoba Fedora Ambassador Yes
3 Rondan Rino. Buenos Aires Fedora Packager,Ambassador Yes
4 Valentin Basel. Córdoba Fedora Ambassador, Maillist Admin, etc etc. Yes

Funding Required


Description Cost USD Cost Arg
Bus fare for Soliard Adrián US$ $
Bus fare for Kreder Matias US$ 60 $ 350
Bus fare for Rondan Rino US$ 60 $ 350
Bus fare for Fontanesi Laura US$ 70 $ 420
Total US$ $
  • Considering USD 1.00 = Arg $ 6.00