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This page often changes!
Because this page will be updated before every meeting, it's important to copy and paste the actual agenda into the reminder emails that are sent to the FAmSCo list and the Ambassadors list.

Current action items

  • Rodrigo, Max, Susmit -- finish FAmSCo report 2010-01, final edits, and pretty printing.
  • Joerg -- mail the final report to the ambassadors list.
  • Joerg -- update mentoring status
  • Rodrigo -- create a workflow for event organization along the interfaces used in the Fedora Community Portal and FAS2.

2010-02-12 agenda

Old business:

  • Make sure everyone was happy with the FAmSCo report 2010-01.
    • Should we continue to make the monthy report as html-report?
      • If so, (Susmit -- find a place to host the html reports)
  • Mentoring
    • fallback policy in case there be dispute among mentor and mentee.
    • make mentoring better through more automation
    • Input for mentoring survey
    • Maria & Joerg -- set up a mentors meeting

New business:

  • "bad" booth behavior has to be "fixed" - do we need a guide?
  • Continue discussion on opening of trac instance, if necessary
  • Cleaning up ((Category:Ambassadors)) pages: "Mercilessly" delete some pages, reduce information overhead, improve organisation and presentation.
  • Creating an Ambassadors FAQ like this.
  • how can famsco help to maintain a healthy symbiosis between all contributing parties [1]
  • Media general ordering and distribution process [2]

Every week:

  • 10 minutes -- short regional reports and feedback.
  • Max -- Lead review of open tickets.