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As of 01Nov2010, the page is not maintained any more and may not reflect the current information.

I decided to put the scribbled down notes about the questions I receive into some sort of a wiki page so as to ensure that there is baseline information to refer to.

Note: The answers would be very specific to India and hence, other regions might not find it useful

I want to request Fedora Media for an event - what do I do

We have a limited number of Fedora media (current release) for 32 bit systems which are intended to be distributed at events. To make a request please raise a New Ticket using this link. Please note, you need to have a Fedora Account for opening a ticket.

Packaging the media consignment in form ready for courier does take a bit of time, so please ensure that [i] you are requesting media well ahead of time and, [ii] you are requesting a reasonable quantity.

Please use the ticket to communicate.

I want to organize a Fedora Event - I need money

If you are planning to organize a Fedora Event (for example, a Fedora Activity Day) the first thing we would love to have is a plan. Please send your plan to fedora-india list so that we can discuss it publicly. The plan should include the following :

* Date+Time of the event, 
* Venue of the event, 
* Intended Audience, Schedule for the day, 
* Names of folks who are responsible for sticking to the schedule.

Once you have all this jotted down and sent to the list, raise a New Ticket using this link for monetary discussions. Please note, you need to have a Fedora Account for opening a ticket.

A few Fedora folks will spend some time going over your plans and, request you to come up with the budget. The projected budget figure will be discussed and, approval will happen post approval. Once you have an approved event, please make sure that you list it on this page.

Please make sure that you read this page too.

Please ensure that you mail me the original receipts (note: original receipts and not scanned copies) at the following address

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
Red Hat Software Services India Pvt Ltd
Tower 10, Level 1, CyberCity
Magarpatta City
Pune 411013

I want to organize a FUDCon - what do I do

See the response to the question above.

I want Fedora source DVD - who should I write it to

The Fedora sources are available from the torrent site. At this point, no one has a source DVD/CD/media downloaded. Check around on #fedora-india or, fedora-india mailing list if someone can help you out.

I want T-shirts for all participants at my meet - what do I do

Producing T-shirts cost a lot of money and, at this point in time, the budget is somewhat tight. So, we would suggest that you look at response to the first question and, talk with the folks mentioned in order to work something out.

I am a Fedora Ambassador, I want to do something - tell me what to do

If you are a new Ambassador, you should already have an assigned mentor. Please feel free to ask your mentor about coaching you to contribute to Fedora. If you require additional information, please read through this mail and, ask on #fedora-india or, fedora-india mailing list

I want to contribute money to Fedora - how can I

The Fedora Project does not accept cash donations. However, there are a couple of unique ways you can help out. For example, you could do things like [i] sponsor the media for a Fedora event at a LUG or, institute [ii] You can donate towards FreeMedia, this is the only case where we accept monetary donations [iii] sponsor the travel of a Fedora contributor to an event (either fully or partly) or, [iv] sponsor the production of banners, stickers etc for an event. Please get on the fedora-india mailing list] and, we can take it forward from there. And oh ! thanks for doing this.

I requested a FreeMedia and, never received it - what can I do

You could ask on the fedora-india mailing list so that someone could ship a DVD to you. The person could request you to meet the expenses incurred in producing the media and courier charges

I want to have Fedora posters - where can I get them

I want to do a summer/intern project on Fedora - what should I do

If you have a project proposal/idea, you could write to sankarshan at fedoraproject dot org (cc: sankarshan at redhat dot com for good measure). Try to include the following details in the mail:

 * Title of the project, 
 * Duration of the project, 
 * Start date, 
 * Tools to be used, 
 * A brief summary of what the project is about, 
 * Deliverables at the end of the project cycle

I want to talk about Fedora at an event - where can I find presentations

If you are looking for presentations/slide decks, please ensure that you visit this page before asking on mailing lists.

I spent some money on Fedora, I need to get reimbursed - what do I do

The principal assumption is that the monies you spent were approved expenses (refer to question 1 above) and, in that event, sankarshan at fedoraproject dot org would be requesting bank details (name, branch, a/c number, a/c holder's name) so as to transfer the monies after you send across the receipts for the same.