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Organizing Team



Hotel Surroundings

Cost calculated in base of 20 guests in 10 double rooms. Taxes included. Meeting room will be a hacking/meeting space for the night. If breakfast is not included, the price will be added. Air shuttle has to be calculated double, as incoming and outgoing travels.

Hotel Double rooms 10 Meeting room Airport shuttle Transportation to venue Total
Hotel Mansión Teodolinda $52.65 x 10rooms x 4 days
Breakfast included
Included (Free) $5 x 20pp x 2 (in-out) Included (Free) $2,706
Hotel El Almendro $63.65 x 10 rooms x 4 days
Breakfast included
Included(Free) $ Included $ 2,530


The idea is that there will be 20 people from abroad plus 20 local people helping with the event. This is an estimated. Most likely there will less people.

Catering service or restaurant Price notes
Hotel Mansión Teodolinda $8 x 40 x 3 = $ 960 delivery to the venue included
Hotel Crowne Plaza 2 x 10 x $120 = $ 2400
Name $


Bocklet for information about the event and writing space for the schedule. Note blocks as gifts. Banners to display our sponsors.

printing shop Booklets note blocks banners
Bolonia Printing $306 (300 units) $293 (300 units) $53 (each)
Name $ $ $


Pre-registration system

There is not estimated cost for this item, but it will be sponsored by Kakao media in their web site Folcano which displays activities and sells tickets for events.


It has been a custom to give t-shirts to the 150 first people to pre-register on the event. There is also the idea of making bags as gifts, like small running backpacks.

printing shop tshirts bags
Bordados Anan $776.25 (150 units) n/a
Publi bolsos n/a $470.58 (200 units)

Güegüe Comunicaciones will be sponsoring t-shirts

Posible Venues

Universidad Centroamericana Is a big university. It has shown interest in the event. If they get involved, their staff will provide some talks as part of the commitment to the event. They are reviewing the schedule of internal activities. It has been said that the will sponsor the event providing the venue and some internet bandwidth free of charge.

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Venue Surroundings


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