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About me:

I am a student at Universidad Centroamericana in System Engeneering degree. I belong to the Local User Group of my university GUL-UCA but I am of the few members using fedora at that LUG.I really like the Fedora environment and favor the use of this system to my classmates

What do I do at Fedora?


I am an ambassador of fedora in Nicaragua ,participate in activities of Fedora of the country I promote Fedora use in my University. I would like to keep doing so. I also want to learn more skills to contribute to Fedora Project, not only giving talks but organizing events with the local fedora user I belong to the groups of:

  • Fedora Ambassador Project.
  • Campus Ambassadors.
  • Translation CVS Commit Group.
  • Fedora Nicaragua.
  • Fedora Free Media Program Group.


As organizer

  • Fudcon Managua 2014
  • Flisol Managua 2014
  • Flisol Managua 2015
  • release party fedora 19,20,21.
  • release party fedora 23,24,26.

As assistant

Fedora Shool Nicaragua

ECSL Honduras 2015

As colaborator

I give talks to spread fedora use among students on my university. I was working alone. Until recently I joined Fedora Local User Group

  • Pizza Bash
  • Fedora sobre fedora
  • MozCooffe
  • linux in summer
  • the world in fedora

I helped in the stand of fedora at:

  • day of free software 2014
  • Flisol 2013
  • day of free software 2013
  • national college fair 2012
  • national technology fair 2011
  • Flisol 2014
  • Flisol 2015

Fernando Espinoza

Fedora Account

  • FAS :espasmo
  • Nick IRC:Fercho
  • Channels: #fedora-townhall,#fedora-meeting,#fedora-ni

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